GATE 2013 Admit Card

GATE exam 2013 GATE or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, the test that sees intense competition for seats in post-graduate courses in engineering and sciences in top institutes in the India, is administered by the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc). Over the past few years, the number of applicants for GATE has increased for various reasons like changes in pattern, Public Sector Undertakings (PSU jobs) considering GATE scores for recruitment, attractive career options for post-graduates and the urge to stand out among the increasing number of engineering graduates among others.
What’s New in GATE 2013?
1. 15 subject papers will be conducted by an ONLINE computer based test:
2. Female candidates are exempted from paying the application fee, as required by MHRD, Govt. of India.
3. All candidates’ related information will be available in a single GATE Online Applicant Interface.
4. Soft copies of photograph and signature must be uploaded during online application (This is in addition to sending recent photograph of applicant with signed application).
5. A new formula will be used for calculating the GATE score.
6. Biometric information (Photograph and fingerprint) maybe captured on the day of the examination for randomly selected candidates.

GATE 2013 Admit card can only be downloaded from the zonal GATE websites from 5th December 2012. Sending Admit cards by post has been discontinued. Bring the downloaded admit card at the test center along with at least one original (not photocopied / scanned copy) and valid (not expired) photo identification. ONLY one of the following photo identifications is permitted: Driving license, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, College ID, Employee identification card, or a notarized Affidavit with Photo, Signature, Date of Birth and Residential Address. Photocopies of the original identification document are not acceptable. Candidates will NOT be permitted to take the test, if original and valid photo identification is not presented.

Cracking GATE 2013 is Just 5 Steps Away!

GATE is organized by IITs and IISc, which have pioneered advanced education at master’s level in India. The sole purpose of GATE is not only to conduct a test for admission but to identify the suitable engineers/researchers in various areas and make them to choose their area of choice in which they can pursue their master degree. So it is clearly not child’s play. It is a cut-throat competition and you have to make every moment count in order to establish yourself. But before you begin to worry let me tell you it may be hard but not impossible. So stay focused, follow some guide and you’re good to go. The date held for GATE 2013 is January 20, 2013. Till then all you got to do is follow the 5 steps:

• Clear concepts: Those four years of engineering that you thought to have left behind
are here to haunt you again. It is time that you open your college books because fundamental preparation is always effective. It’s time that you make sure all your basic concepts are clear and work on those parts that are fundamentally weak.

• Solve previous year questionnaire: Solving previous years’ papers gives you a fair
idea of what the actual paper would be like. It also brushes up your basics and exposes your ‘area of improvement.’

• Analyze: It is very necessary for the students to analyze the test results otherwise
the test would be of no value at all. Analyze your accuracy rates in various topics and maintain a topic wise datasheet which lists your performance topic wise for different test papers.

• Take up a target: High score in the test does not necessarily denote a big achievement after all. GATE is an exam in which people are selected on their relative scores. So even if you have scored 95% it does not essentially translate to a percentile of 95. You are competing with the best in India, and to get through GATE you should know where you stand to be among the ‘top few’ selected for the interview. A test series of this sort is being provided by GATE Forum.

• Just chill! Don’t tire out your brain. Take a break and use that time to gather more
information about the exam, either from internet or from your seniors at IITs. Here’s wishing good luck to all the students.

MNC Offering Higher Packages to M.Tech Students

Eventually whenever I say “I want to do M Tech”, then suddenly the other person asks “Why? Do you want to be a teacher?” This kind of Questions I faced and got much unexpected response in the name of higher studies as if one is of no use. How many of you have faced the same? Well! I wander how society can think about the tag of ‘Masters’ as if the candidate is below average if he/she is thinking is going for the same. I guess the value and importance of M Tech is quite lower in our society and hence the value of education. Do we really need to promote the same? Is only teaching career possible after M Tech? Do you think only unemployed candidates go for it?

Today MNC’s are offering higher packages to M.Tech Students. Here some information is given
Epic 1.2 carore per Annum
Microsoft 16.2 LPA
IVY Comptech 10.2 LPA
Oracle 6.2 LPA

M.Tech is an opportunity to study in prestigious colleges of India like IITs, NITs, DCE which you have missed in your Engineering. MTech is also an opportunity to work in top research organizations of world. One students from MANIT Bhopal has got an offer letter from NASA with a package of 35 LPA.

Well! We need to grow up if this is the case. M Tech degree holder can pursue PHD which MBA holder cannot. Masters (for IIT) do not need any sought of experience which MBA (for IIM) need. M Tech entertains much better job profiles than B Tech. Bachelors are involved in activities like those of coding, searching Google and copy pasting the code, system testing, documentation work of typing and preparing reports etc.. Just think you are coder and any MNC has 1000’s of coders and you are one among 1000’s. Master can go for much better profile including preparing new ideas and presentations, managerial level in terms of designing and maintenance. Maintenance is the most important and interesting job profile as you will get a lot to learn due to implementation of new technologies. Masters sets the best eligibility criteria for lecturer-ship in any of the government college with the starting pay scale of 30,000 to 40,000 per month.

Lecturer-ship job is much peaceful than the company job. Fixed timing from 10 to 4 will do and moreover with development of new technologies, you will get a lot to learn. But private sector job is quite hectic. In PSU’s or government sector company job, you may get fixed timings of 10 to 4 but won’t get much growth in your core field especially in CSE/IT. Note that if you are Bachelors, then your increment will be but obvious less than that of increment of Masters. Finally you can analyze your salary package after 10 years. So, now the decision is up-to you. GOOD LUCK!

Regarding GATE and LIFE

Well! I am sure most of you are familiar with this phrase, but let’s have some delighted discussion today. Apart from really technical and professional backgrounds let’s capture couple of minutes to have a look over point of views regarding ‘GATE and LIFE’. Sometimes I wander, why the candidate take ‘Year Drop’ for guaranteed!!! Indeed it needs triple hard-work and determination. ‘Year drop’ doesn’t mean that you are going to be topper. On the other hand there are few, who think that the competition is increasing day by day so fetch the best possible seat this year so as to get in-to masters program under MHRD.

Do you know the reason behind the immediate rise of statistics of cutoffs/number of students! It’s all about increasing education and increase in engineering aspirants. It depends upon recession (which force the candidate to go for masters) as well as the number of candidates appeared in IIT-JEE four years ago!!! Yes, these stats were as shocking (at the time of IIT-JEE/AIEEE – 2008 also) as GATE – 2012 results. On the contrary, the number of students entering into Non-Medical has increased during 2005 to 2007. This effect was due to education system of India. Usually students are unable to decide in the age of 15 when they pass out their matriculation. They want to be with their childhood friends and enjoy the freedom after school. So, they pay least attention towards their career and finally parents decide engineering/ doctors’ field for them. Apart from this, 44 marks in 2010 got NIT Trichy and 44 marks in 2011 got NIT Bhopal (in spot round). The competition will remain high on the basis of statistics of corresponding IIT-JEE/AIEEE aspirants!!!

GATE Marks have corresponding GATE scores but ranking changes are diverse. For instance, 35 marks had 7000 ranking in 2011 and 35 marks have 15000 ranking this year. If tomorrow the recession drags down to 0% and need engineers then 90% among us will not go for Masters. Thus, this ranking may again come back to 7000 rank at 35 marks. It may be possibility. So, we can never analyze the stats. We cannot say that if this year cutoff hikes, next year too it will hike even more. You cannot say what is on the other side of line.

Even if we do well, we cannot be sure of other students who are appearing in exams. If you are good, it doesn’t mean that others are not attempting up-to that mark. All the candidates are equally talented. But each one of us cannot acquire IIT. Excuses after exam are mere wastage because 99% of the candidates were unable to give their 100%. Finally, scholars land where they deserve and desire. The struggle of studying for GATE examination is equivalent to the struggle for acquiring a seat in some college premises. Both of these are equally necessary. Even while preparation, do target the best (IISc Banglore) but expect the worst. During admissions, try out for the best and put in your efforts to gain the best but expect for the worst. This is because prior higher expectations may lead to disappointment.

This disappointment is the main reason of depression and pressurized career. Accept what is being provided and live it lively. This may encourage you and cherish you. Your low expectations and best results will lead you to another set of happiness and joy. These moments and its celebrations will be more precious and priceless memory of your life… These examinations are part of the youth life and not the art of the life. We are studying since 20 years of our life. Your various dreams and aspirations are equally important. If you are a true engineer, ‘Maters’ tag in itself will make you proud, you need not be a bookworm and waste 3-4 years of your life for IISc Banglore. Your efforts and achievements will always be appreciated. So, install little livelihood in your life. GOOD LUCK!!!

Students opt for GATE 2013 for Placements in PSUs

This year more students are opting for GATE 2013 as placements are becoming harder to get into PSUs. There has been a considerable increase in the number of people applying for entrance examinations like Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), which is the qualifying examinations for PG studies.

The scores of GATE 2013 will be used for placements by various public sector companies. Companies such as Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited( HPCL), Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.(BHEL) will be recruiting the candidates who have appeared for GATE 2013.

HPCL will be recruiting about 250 Engineering Graduates through GATE 2013.

The positions are available for engineering graduates with specializations in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunications, Instrumentation Engineering.

Eligibility criteria for recruitment

Candidates should have passed qualifying degree examinations and from recognized Indian Universities/ Institutes.

Candidates (belonging to General and OBC-NC category) should have secured minimum 60% marks in qualifying degree examinations. It is relaxed to 50% for SC/ST/PWD candidates.

Candidates currently in final year of their engineering studies may also apply.

The final mark sheet should be submitted by 31st August 2013.

The last date for receiving online application for HPCL is 14th February, 2013.

13 other PSUs have confirmed that the GATE 2013 scores will be used for job shortlisting

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), PowerGrid, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) will also accept the scores.

GATE 2013 Biotechnology Preparation Guides and Books


This exam needs preparation from both text books as well as books meant exclusively for GATE exam.

GATE 2013 Biotechnology TEXT BOOKS:

1.) Microbiology by Presscott.

2.) Principles of Biochemistry by Lehninger.

3.) Immunology by kuby.

4.) Genetics by strassburger.

5.) Cell and molecular biology by De Roberttis.


1. Molecular Cell  Biology – J.Darnell, H.Lodish, & D. Baltimore.

2. Molecular Biology of the Gene – J.D. Watson, N.H. Hopkins, J.W. Roberts.

3. Genomes- T.A. Brown.

4. Text Book of Medical Physiology – Arthur Guyton.

5. Cell and Molecular Biology – Gerald Karp.

6. Genetics – E.J. Gardner.

7. Plant Physiology – Salisbury & Ross.

8. Biology – Campbell.

9. Genetics: A Molecular Approach – T.A. Brown.

10. Biological Science – N.P.O Green, G.W. Stout and D.J. Taylor.

11. Plant Tissue Culture by M.K. Razdan.

12. Biotechnology – John.E.Smith.


  1. GATE Biotechnology by G.K.Publishers
  2. GATE Biotechnology Solved And Mock Papers, Akanksha Singhal
  4. GATE Tutor Biotechnology by B M Agarwal, Akansha Singhal, Vidhika Goel, Arihant publishers.


  1. Koshika Lifesciences Academy, Lucknow – Class room coaching.
  2. Career Avenues – Class room, Correspondence, Online coaching.
  3. helpBIOTECH academy – Class room, Correspondence, Online coaching.
  4. Biotechnika – Class room, Correspondence, Online coaching.
  5. Biotech Academy – Class room, Correspondence.
  6. GATE IIT- Class room, Correspondence.
  7. Brilliant tutorials – Correspondence.
  8. Pathfinder academy – Class room, correspondence.


GATE Online Mock Test

Success in any field comes only through dedicated efforts and continuous practice. Now, when the question comes to education, the fruits of success are directly proportional to efforts put in. There is hardly anybody who does not wish to get top scores and bag their dream institution, when it comes to GATE exams. For this, only slogging won’t do. There has to be something more that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. The smartest trick to crack the GATE is, to prepare you with online mock examinations. There are scores of websites that offer various programs under GATE online mock tests. These exams are conducted online and evaluated by experts. The results of these mock exams helps you estimate where you stand against the whole horde of competitors. These mock tests are carefully prepared in the same pattern as the original GATE exams and carefully chart out the possible level of difficulty that should be expected from the papers. Some online companies also categorize their exams in various levels so that a student can gradually move up as he progresses with his preparation. These mock tests are also classified into various subjects such that, a student can choose his preferred area of strength and weakness and evaluate himself accordingly.
[WATU 1]

GATE Question Of The Day – Electromagnetics

The electric and magnetic fields for a TEM wave of frequency 14 GHz in a homogeneous medium of relative permittivity er and relative permeability m=1 are given byV/mA/mAssuming the speed of light in free space to be 3 ´ 108 m/s, the intrinsicimpedance of free space to be 120p , the relative permittivity er of the medium and the electric field amplitude Ep are

(A) er = 3, Ep 120p

(B) er = 3, Ep 360p

(C) er = 9, Ep 360p

(D) er = 9, Ep 120p

How to Prepare for GATE 2013 in Four Months

There goes a saying that striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted. For any achievement life requires thorough preparation. Likewise the desire to crack GATE is a dream of all, but only few come out triumphant, those who realize the need to be honest, work hard towards it and invest every moment in it. So the question is that, do u see yourself as one them?
A sincere insight into the preparation procedure can help you realize that no matter how many months you have it is just not enough- too little time and too much to do. Including the general aptitude and maths paper, there are more than 10 papers to be prepared. So plan your work, allocate days for each subject prepare accordingly. Besides studying the papers you also need to practice the previous year questionnaire. So make use of every second and stay focused.
A lot of us want to move mountains but few of us are willing to practice on small hills. So if you have higher goals, prepare accordingly. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. GATE is a national affair. So if a month of sleepless nights can help you achieve it so be it- you never know the guy next to you may as well beat your position because he studied while you dozed your days off.

So those notifications on Facebook and hangout with friends can wait for a little. With this tight schedule, you will not even have time to look up from your books because this could change your life. A good opportunity is waiting for you if you give it a good try and always remember luck is where opportunity meets preparation.
Time and tide wait for none. So to avoid any kind of time waster is strongly recommended. Few days are left for the exam and it is time to make the most of it. It is time you work hard and fill in the loopholes in your four year long engineering course. Fundamental preparation is always effective. What are you waiting for? Stop thinking and start doing. Do it once, do it right and get it over with. Either you will make it happen or you will be satisfied that you tried your best.
Luck be with you!