Revision – Key to Success in GATE 2013

Revision Time is really necessary when you are sitting for exams like Gate as the syllabus for Gate is vast and  it is inter-related within the subjects. You  should be thorough with the whole syllabus so as to have a respectable score.  During Engineering you study one subject for a day and are able to score well in the exam.  In Gate, the syllabus is vast and most of it was done more than two years ago. So it is required that you study for at least six to eight hours daily and devote at least two months to revision of the previously done subject matter. This helps you assimilate the subject matter thoroughly and also highlights your doubts so that you understand where you lack understanding and can concentrate on the subject. The weakest subject should be revised first as when you sit down to study you are fresh and are able to grasp the maximum.  Exam savvy wishes you all the best..

Steps to Download GATE 2013 Admit Card or Hall Ticket

GATE 2013 Admit Card Download

Eligible candidates who have applied GATE 2013, can now download the admit card or hall ticket from the GATE Online Applicant Interface.To download your admit card for gate 2013 exam, you have to follow the followings.

GATE 2013 Admit Card Downloading Instructions

  1. Please do not use mobile browsers to download the admit card. Use Google Chrome, Firefox, or IE on a desktop computer.
  2. Please ensure that the photograph and signature appearing on the admit card are correct and clearly visible. If not, please contact your friendly Zonal GATE Office.
  3. For some candidates taking the online examination, the allotted center, if not in the GATE exam city of preference, is in a city closest to the specified choices where good computing facilities are available.
  4. Candidates must bring a hard copy (print out) of the admit card. Candidates who bring only a soft copy in a pen drive or a mobile phone or any other electronic medium WILL NOT be allowed to appear for the examination.

Steps Involved to Download GATE 2013 Admit Card

1. Open the GATE 2103 Online Applicant Interface here

2. Enter your email address, password and the text as shown in the image in the required field.

3. Now you can able to see your GATE 2013 Application Status. If it is “Your application is found to be in order and has been accepted. Thank you.”, Then you are allowed to write the exam.

4. Click the link Download Admit Card link just below the GATE 2013 Application Status.

5. Thats all, Now your GATE 2013 admit card in PDF format starts downloading. After download finishes, Dont forget to print your admit card.

Trouble getting the GATE 2103 admit card PDF

If you are facing any difficulties while downloading your GATE admit, Please ensure the following

(a) you must use a Desktop or Laptop (not mobile) browser of Chrome, Firefox, or IE.

(b) you may have forgotten your login ID and password, or

(c) If none of the above, please contact your Zonal GATE Office with your application ID by email or phone or in person.

(d) You also post your problem here, We will help

Hope these information will guide you to download your GATE 2013 Hall Ticket. If you like this information just like our FaceBook page.

GATE Exam Revision Time

GATE is indeed a difficult exam to crack. It is the one that challenges all your engineering knowledge. Experts say that you need approximately 3 years to prepare for it. Unlike the other standard exams like GMAT, GRE, CAT, MAT which can be cleared with effort of just a single year.
Why did we come to this conclusion? Well, we spoke to some students who did manage to clear this exam, but in the second attempt. The most reply was, ‘In engineering, before a 3 hour exam, we have one whole day to prepare for only that one subject. But in case of GATE, we need to study 25 subjects and for that we require at least 2 revisions for 2 months. This was pretty clear when we attempted this exam for the first time. And this helped in preparing accordingly the second them and hence it was easy to crack.’
So keep a lot of time for revision in your preparation schedule. All the best for your GATE Exams! Make us proud!