GATE 2014 No More An Engineering Test

Every year, the number of candidates appearing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2014) are rising by a large number and surprisingly, this year the number of GATE candidates enrolled in the examination increased from 7 lakhs to 13 lakhs. But an interesting point to note here is that all these examinees do not appear in the test for merely getting entrance into the various M Tech  or M.E. courses, many of them go through this entrance test to achieve a high GATE score for getting  a job in Public Sector Units PSU’s. Majority of these candidates aim for a high GATE score to make their Resume more appealing and interesting. To eliminate this, a senior IIT Kharagpur official said that changes will commence most probably in the year 2014 and these changes may include the introduction of prelims and mains for the GATE exam from the year 2014.

A committee consisting of nine members from the IIT’s and IISC Banglore has been set up to look after these changes and this committee feels that only after securing a certain cut off marks, the candidate will be allowed to sit in the main exam. These changes will mainly focus on reducing the number of candidates appearing for the exam. GATE is primarily held for MTech or M.E. programme aspirants and not for the job seekers. Hence, the committee members are designing the new rules keeping this objective in the mind. There is an inadequate infrastructure to hold the test on the same day for all students. Thus, the committee members have also been entrusted to modify the course model. An IIT Kharagpur official informed that the first meeting of this committee is yet to be held.

The committee is looking to make some more efficient changes in the system for example the committee might look for holding the examination for multiple days instead of commencing it on the same day. Till now the online test was held on one day and the written test was conducted on the other day. As per the new test scheme, the screening test shall consist of aptitude test and physics, chemistry and geology and the candidate will be allowed to sit in the main test only after clearing this screening test. Biswajit Maiti, convener of the GATE restructuring committee said that the date for the GATE 2013 test has been fixed and these changes if made will be implemented in the 2014 examination.

Looking forward to these abrupt rises in the number of candidates appearing in the GATE 2014 test the committee feels that some changes are extremely necessary to be made in the GATE 2014 examination procedure as in the year 2011 GATE had nearly 6 lakh aspirants while in the year the number of candidates increased by one lakh and in the year 2011, this number reached 11 lakh. The committee strongly feels that this rise in the number of candidates appearing is directly related to the PSU job seekers.

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Tips and Advice from GATE Toppers

Tips and Advice from GATE Topper Hastagiri Prakash
For all GATE aspirants, learning the basics is the key to a good score but with high probability, there would be a few questions which we cannot solve completely with the preparation we have already had. for questions like this, do not panic or leave the question unanswered by default. I would recommend the following strategy:
1. read and understand the question completely. understand what is given and what is asked for.
2. try to make some headway with this information. for instance you don’t remember or know a formula but know that the answer is directly proportional to something or inversely proportional to something else. try to formalize this partial knowledge in a helpful way
2. look at the answer choices and eliminate ones that are obviously wrong
3. look for patterns in the choices. sometimes, the choice that sticks out the most is probably a wrong choice. sometimes, all the choices contain the same variables but in different positions (numerator, denominator, exponent, log etc)
4. using any of the heuristic, if you have narrowed down the choices, then guess.
i repeat, this is to be used as a last resort and not as an excuse for not preparing but you will be surprised at how many questions you can answer if you follow this. This way of answering is dangerous and is an art. this art can be honed only attempting many practice questions of multiple choice types and not by just reading the theory.

Tips and Advice from GATE Topper Somdas Bandyopadhyay

Getting good score in gate doesn’t depend on which book u follow. Study the books that u have been studying since 2nd year. I didn’t even have books on mathematics, software engineering and web tech. Study the books that u are most comfortable in .

For securing good rank in gate u must have constant practice on the problems and always stay in touch with gate study. For that purpose u can join any coaching inst(like gateforum). There u will be in constant practice. I studied in gatefoum. Also u must solve previous year gate questions and MUST take some all India test series (normally starting from October)..

I don’t visit this community(and orkut) often. Use the links that i gave in my websites. I have specific filters set up for that purpose( Don’t email me directly). so u guys will get replies quickly.

I can tell u the books i followed :-

1) Maths :- No books.. gateforum notes enough
2) TOC :- No books.. gateforum notes enough
3) OS- Galvin
4) CO- Hamacher (Very good book)
5) Digital logic : – No books.. gateforum notes enough
6) Networking :- william stallings and foruzan( Stallings- numericals , foruzan- theory)
7)DBMS :- Korth
8) Data structure :- Tanenbum
9) Algorithm :- Cormen
10) Web tech :- Internet
11) S/w Engg – Gateforum book and pressman
12)Compilers :- No books.. gateforum notes enough (Recommended book is Aho ullman)

But follow the books that u are most comfortable in.

Tips and Advice from GATE Topper Sandeep

1) which books should be followed for GATE preparation?

GATE questions are concept oriented so regardless of which books u follow you should get through knowledge of subject. My suggestion is that u better follow your text books like ullmaan for computer theory, Galvino or stallings for operating systems, navathe or rrk for dbms and forouzan for networks etc. It’s always preferable to read atleast 2 books on each

2)Do GATE questions asked from previous question paper or any books or they are constructed newly every year.

They will be constructed newly every year. There is some possibility that some questions will come with some changes from old.

3)Which objective or reference books are worth to follow, even have fewer errors?

you can go through timothy j. williams, G.K. publishers(its full of errors)

4)Which topic should we should give preference?

Automata,Graph theory,mathematics,Data structures,Operating systems

5)How to apply for IISC Bangalore?

IISc calls for admission in February 1 week and the last date will be around mar15 (mostly 3 or 4 days after mar 15)

6)How much percentile do I need to score?

For getting into IISc your percentile should be 99.8-99.99

7)How much question one needs to score to get into iisc?

you must attempt at least 100+marks if the paper is hard and at least 140 if easy.

8)Do you have any information how much a person should score to get into one of these prestigious colleges like iisc, iits, etc.

For IIT’s direct admission you must get 50-200 rank(General category) depending on IIT. you will get IIT even upto 98% provided you performs well in written test or interview

9)Do you have any information regarding getting admission into MTech without gate percentile? Or they hold different exam for their admission.

Its not possible for IITs and IIScs except through sponsorship or QIP.

10) Do you have any idea about this year GATE paper look like?

that’s we can’t tell

11) If you think this topics are prepared from this book only or one should refer this books to get hold of this topic please suggest me

nothing is like that

Master of Design a Great Alternative to Master of Engineering

Are you an Engineer? And have you ever felt that engineering is probably not the appropriate field in which you want to build your career? Then friends you can logged on to the correct page as in this article we will provide some insight into the field of Design and some points why concluding how and why one can switch from engineering to the Design world.

Reasons to consider Design is a great career

  1. The offices of the design world provide great freedom to move around and think independently that engineers are often not provided. Designers have complete freedom to think beyond the conventional boxes and the use of colours with free will can very well attract those people who love imagination and creative works.
  2. One reason to go for Designing is that design is becoming an integral part of almost all the products produced these days. Big companies like Apple and others have a separate design panel that approves a product before its launch.
  3. Designing jobs are becoming very honourable jobs these days and thus the people involved in the designing field are given a lot of attention and respect and also the Designers have complete control over the product, they can reject and approve a product according to their wish.
  4. People who like to like have maximum income and profits with least investments can appreciate the Design world as in this field one can start its own business or a consultancy with a few employees in it with least investment cost but can earn millions of dollars. Setting of the business with least investment cost is near to impossible in the field of engineering.
  5. If you love to work without any of the constraints and you work with your will then you would love design as the design offices are purely unconventional set up with no usual chair and desks arrangement. There are no interferences of Bosses and no strict deadlines to complete the work. Moreover this environment is free from the ladders of social hierarchy.

In short Design is a perfect place for those who love to work with complete freedom and love to earn huge bucks.
If you have ever thought of different colours of font, different cover and different dimension of the book while reading a book or novel Or if you were ever sitting on a chair or table or thinking of its dimensions or level of comfort Or if you were using your phone and felt that different dimensions, graphics and colours would have made the phone more interesting to operate then you surely will have a promising career in the field of Design.
But for those looking for a permanent job, then this is not the correct choice to build the career because there are no promising jobs in this field and you must have guts to take challenge from everything around that has been done in the past years.