GATE 2014 No More An Engineering Test

Every year, the number of candidates appearing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2014) are rising by a large number and surprisingly, this year the number of GATE candidates enrolled in the examination increased from 7 lakhs to 13 lakhs. But an interesting point to note here is that all these examinees do not appear in the test for merely getting entrance into the various M Tech  or M.E. courses, many of them go through this entrance test to achieve a high GATE score for getting  a job in Public Sector Units PSU’s. Majority of these candidates aim for a high GATE score to make their Resume more appealing and interesting. To eliminate this, a senior IIT Kharagpur official said that changes will commence most probably in the year 2014 and these changes may include the introduction of prelims and mains for the GATE exam from the year 2014.

A committee consisting of nine members from the IIT’s and IISC Banglore has been set up to look after these changes and this committee feels that only after securing a certain cut off marks, the candidate will be allowed to sit in the main exam. These changes will mainly focus on reducing the number of candidates appearing for the exam. GATE is primarily held for MTech or M.E. programme aspirants and not for the job seekers. Hence, the committee members are designing the new rules keeping this objective in the mind. There is an inadequate infrastructure to hold the test on the same day for all students. Thus, the committee members have also been entrusted to modify the course model. An IIT Kharagpur official informed that the first meeting of this committee is yet to be held.

The committee is looking to make some more efficient changes in the system for example the committee might look for holding the examination for multiple days instead of commencing it on the same day. Till now the online test was held on one day and the written test was conducted on the other day. As per the new test scheme, the screening test shall consist of aptitude test and physics, chemistry and geology and the candidate will be allowed to sit in the main test only after clearing this screening test. Biswajit Maiti, convener of the GATE restructuring committee said that the date for the GATE 2013 test has been fixed and these changes if made will be implemented in the 2014 examination.

Looking forward to these abrupt rises in the number of candidates appearing in the GATE 2014 test the committee feels that some changes are extremely necessary to be made in the GATE 2014 examination procedure as in the year 2011 GATE had nearly 6 lakh aspirants while in the year the number of candidates increased by one lakh and in the year 2011, this number reached 11 lakh. The committee strongly feels that this rise in the number of candidates appearing is directly related to the PSU job seekers.

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  1. Sum it up The GENERAL MALE candidates suffer the most regardless of the changes which of course make no sense in first place..”TO REDUCE NO OF CANDIDATES??”

  2. adding new subjects are not good.if any one having good technical skills about his branch,but he have to study new subjects clearly it is just waste of time. and one more thing may these subjects are not related to his specialization in than why all these…….new subjects. this changes will only for who studied in high standard colleges in i think there no need of new patterns.

  3. This is a horrible decision……. there must be two exams …. one for psu’s and one for pg admissions. This might be much logical than this illogical decision of adding physics chemistry and geology.

  4. It has been seen that you are making GATE tougher so that maximum number of students couldn’t clear it. that’s why you are adding geology, isn’t it? I would like to give you one free advice how to make this exam tough. along with geology you can also add History & Geography to make GATE impossible to get. Thank you.

  5. the changed pattern of gate is not good for those student who want to do the higher studies in good college and due to the screening test some of the good candidates are screened out due to lack of time in final semester for studying physics, chemistry and geology etc. and drop out students and psu job seekers will make and unecessarily waisting the resources of gate. so i think in place of this you conduct two test one for higher education and one for job seekers and candidate is allowed to sit only in one exam and for second test you take help from psu for physical work. hence by this method everyone getting fair chance i hope iit management take good decision for all the students

  6. GATE exam is meant mainly for higher studies not for job…………..its true that number of students appearing for gate is increasing day by day…………….but SIR its not our (engineering students) fault, we never want you all to make PSU selection through GATE. Think deeply sir, if GATE exam is made t ough and if it consists of geology, physics, chemistry than final year student is never going to pass, they have to either drop out for preparation or take coaching which is not fair. SIR you all have better knowledge in this field…….i being a student just want to request you that if YOU all want to decrease the number of students than take another exam for PSU but don’t change get pattern…………this will be worse for those who desire for higher studies in good college………….for those to desire to study with scholarship due to poor financial condition……………………we want GATE for higher studies please SIR conduct another exam for PSU please SIR its our career…………………..please don’t change the pattern its our request SIR please i hope you will not change the pattern.

  7. we will consider all your requirements that u mention in comments…we will conduct a meeting on 25 June after that we reach at final decision ..all the best to all of u…@iit committe

  8. Yadi 10 company psu ki hai jisme 6 oil and gas ki hai…phir v gate walon ne petroleum engineering ka paper nahi rakha hai..mere jaise 1000 petroleum fresher engineer ke liye GATE walon kuch nahi karrahan hai… Mai chahunga ki gate admin either psu ko bahar kare ya phir mujhe v elligible banayein… JAI HIND

  9. such an illogical step(including geology) is not expected from the iit management…get well soon iit managemnt …

  10. u fools r u mad .All d students r well in their subjcts but hw u can add geology in GATE 2014. r u kill us

  11. in addation to geology please add political science, history,economics etc………..then only we will become a wonder of the world.

  12. The increase in the number of students is only because, 1) GATE exam is free for girls. 2) GATE score is used by PSU jobs. Both of these are good decisions only, but before installing above mentioned facilities, the super brains in the decision board should have thought of all these. I don’t know why it was not in their plates. Now introducing new screening exam will never get the intended students, because those who wants simply a GATE score, will appear this time also. And most probably, guys wanting to join MTech may be screened outside, while others got in. The ‘simply writers’ were always there in the competition, not this late years. But the increase in no: attendees was because of the the above mentioned two reasons. But anyway, whatever be the decisions, we, students are game for anything.

    1. yeah,,,,very very true. N how could u add chemistry and geology subjects if student didnt studied chemical and geological engineering.

  13. These IITs & IIsc cannot set 65 questions correctly in exam. In CS 2012, 9 marks were given free b’coz poor paper setters cannot set the questions properly. In CS 2013 poor guys were unable to set a simple “C” language question properly and gave marks to all. Increase in candidates is b’coz of NO FEEs for GIRLS, REDUCED FEES for ST\SC\OBC, PSU recruiting through GATE. Analyse these things. Now can you imagine the lowest marks at which ST\SC\OBC will get admission after this 2-tier exam. General candidates will suffer badly.

  14. kewal coaching or government officer or professor or wo jise gate ka papar nahi dena hi wo isaka sapport karenge kyu ki manaw tendenci hi ki humse age koi na bade. or hame fayeda kaise ho……………………………….

  15. bhad me jaye iit ki comattee jo ye i or ye blog banane wle meri coment se tumari fut gai thi jo etumane use hata biya…….. sab bakawas karte ho hmiane desh ki bat ki ko samajh me nahi aya pagalo ko to use hata hi diy koi bat nahi fb to hi na tumase achha ……….. loot lo desh ko garibo ko jitana ho sake haina yhi niti si gaddar netao ki or rajsahi nagariko ki………… sb bhad me jooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  16. its ok that to add 2 xam but why this for diploma students,coz all diploma students are not poor in should think about diploma holders

  17. This is not a good decision, why should we appear a screening test consisting of physics, chemistry and geology after b-tech. The test should be based on technical questions and math. it will not be a fair decision with all b-tech students. The management should thing about it.

  18. It may be a fair decision provided the cut-off marks for all the categories is same for the prelims i.e. there should not be any category wise cut-off in the prelims. if not possible to do so then GOD HELP!!!!!!!

  19. as u know that two way exam was eliminated in 2006 for iit jee. why this 2way exam in introduced in GATE EXAM? EVERY ELIGIBLE CANDIDATE HAS RIGHT TO APPEAR IN THIS TEST IT IS GOVERNMENT DUTY TO ARRANGE INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THIS .

    1. abbey koi kyu sunega teri … GATE is supposed to be for engineers and basic science graduates … not for 12th pass students… in BE/Btech PC is there only for 1 yr and rest of the 3 years its core subjects with maths… and BSc has its own pass/honours syllabus for 3 yrs depending on the subject you choose…. to bhai ab GATE screening mein agar sab candidates ko PCM aur geology likhna pade toh iye toh galaat hi he na … abbey tujhe BE/BTech ka kuch idea bhi he … lagta nahi ki tune BE/Btech kiya he … BSc bhi nahi kiya tune …. toh kya kiya tune … BA iya BCom …. aur hoshiyari maar raha he ki better idea….

    2. Absolutely right. Many students use back calculation and elimination techniques to guess the answer from the given options where as they dont actually know the process of solving the sums. Thats why IITs have interviews. This problem can be taken care of by introducing a subjective based paper as mains. But then the problem of manually checking of answers will arise. So, only a few students clearing the cuttof of an MCQ based paper (screening) should be allowed to sit for the subjective question paper (mains). Many students have this ‘go for everything’ attitude. They do so because they know that if they only do those sums which they are sure of, then they will end up with a rank of 10000. That will be something like 51/100 in ECE this year. But guessing the rest of the 49 marks if he gets at least 10 marks then he gets 61/100 which is a rank of 650! Yes this is a true story of a student in my college. He admitted this himself.

  20. This GATE exam is supposed to be set by some IIT’s and IISC, or so I have heard, or so the people from IIT and IISC claim. I wonder how much knowledge they themselves have, those stupid professors from the Idiots’ Institute of Torture(IIT). I feel pretty much sure that they got into IIT by bribing and corruption and probably the ones who set the GATE papers the previous years are students of the IIT who are asked to set the paper at gunpoint. There is no way an IIT professor could set a GATE paper, because IITs are said to be world class, and they don’t even know how to build a technology that corrects lakhs of OMR sheets, and they call themselves masters of technology. Their decision to include geology shows that these IIT professors are corrupt fools whose parents must be politicians of India, so that they could send their wards to study in IIT by paying bribe. Being sons of politicians, it is but natural to expect them to make such corrupt decisions as including geology. They “came up” in life by black money, and they never appreciated talent and merit, so now when they see other students aspiring for GATE seats, they want to thwart them down. Probably because their own children are so useless that they are studying geology. That’s why they want their kids to follow in their corrupt footsteps, so they are including geology. I dare an IIT professor to come up with a technology that handles this mass test-takers. The day he does it without kidnapping an American scientist or something like that, I will hang myself.

    1. Yadi 10 company psu ki hai jisme 6 oil and gas ki hai phir geology ya petroleum engineering walon ke hai..waise sahi decision hai….engg. is not a cup of tea for only core branches…. yahin nahi nxt subject petroleum engg. v add hoga… sale company mere branch ki aur job tujhe… JAI HIND

  21. why the hell should we study chemistry and gelogy?????? IIT’S claim to have world class infrastructure still they can’t manage 11 lakh cndidates. and the increase in the candidates is because of free exams for girls which has made all the girls to sit in the exam without preparation just for the fun of it. this is highly illogical that sc/st have to pay but girls are exempted from fees

    1. How exactly is it logical to allow SC / ST to give examination without fees? Why reservation every where?!

  22. should fuck the guys who r going to geology ,|,, u engineering student who was already fucked up vt subjects n now should study geology also…???

  23. Why the hell the screening has to include physics, chemistry. Is GATE getting converted to JEE? And where the hell did geology come from?

  24. i think GATE exam pattern is good enouf for M. Tec and M.E. This much of appeared students is because of PSUs only. Gov. has to think over that and for PSUs they have to conduct another exam. Gate exam for those students who want to go for higher studies and want to do research work.

    1. My view is Research in Technology is a continuous cycle.We call [cont… Improvement ] And we cannot reach perfection by studying technology. If we look its deep roots first one utility is invented after many years its negative effect is understood after that one more utility/product is invented to overcome that again the later product will create its own disturbances and the cycle continues.This is what research in technology and invention will lead too.And this is what Natures Law “every action has equal and opposite reaction” May be we take more time to understand opposite reaction.So technology cant solve any problem permanently.So only tech-developed country also suffer from ill effects of technology and there slowly understood the fact and there started following ancient indian Science.example plastic was invented in 18th century and it was celebrated as “Fantastic” but today we all terminate using plastic.Similarly all invention will have negative effect it will be found only later.The need is to search inside our self and understand the inner science and sync with nature.This alone solve problems.For country like India we need Social scientist who can solve social problems by transforming people thought process and eliminate social evils like corruption,violence,child abuse,and end un-ethical technology practices.

  25. GATE is no more student friendly but rather very much business friendly for coaching institutes.Stats in 2013 say around 12 lakh registered and 9 lakh appeared & 1.3 lakh cleared and the race will go high 15 lakh plus in gate why so many people appear for gate .Do all have passion for teaching and research no NO NO. It may be only 2 to 3%.Rest of all are looking for escape hole from unemployement and Low paying /torture ful BPO jobs .And these mass group fall a prey to coaching Institute earning in crores of rupees.The fate of our country today is here 12 lakh engineers are srtiving too hard for getting good job career but none what to change the system /politics which allow menace BPO sector exploiting engineers/corruption e.t.c. A doctor after MBBS able to earn on his own by visiting clinic.A laywer can earn on his own by advocating.But engineers alone looking for job/employment depend on others .Because engineers are not made as real engineers by education system which focus on theorys unable to solve real problems and earn decent living.People competing for PM post is hardly 1 or 2. But 12 LAKH engineers are competing for GATE.People by nature will have there own unique ability .There are not ready to explore there unique talent and try to apply them to our country and earn a quality living.And its not fare to measure the quality of mass people based on a complex theory based common question paper.That will not help to identify real talents.This is not hapenning any where in the world.Who is responsible for the generation of lakhs of under minded engineers.In our country the magnitude of impact created by Politician both positive and negative is huge when compared to engineers But there is no SUCH EXAM for politicians? who are creating bill and making laws! and all unqualified /un ethical rude people are rulling us for years and poor engineers are by product of there bad system. Nobady can save them unless there themself find a way earn quality living.Today real estate brokers and contract builders are earning with half baked qualification are earning in crores.Need of the hour is engineers should realise that game around and find there own way to serve the world and earn quality living.All the best engineerS

  26. its good to this every one knows the ability of one person through all the analyses..thanks to the person who adopt this type of pattern of examination

  27. Why does the management think putting all these subjects for prelims is a good idea ?? GATE is supposed to be for those students who have passion and skill for doing higher studies in a particular field.Having all these subjects for prelims means that those who have surface knowledge in irrelevant subjects will be allowed to appear for the mains and not those have deep knowledge on a specific subject,for which they have a passion.Even now many students who sleep for only 2 hrs a day are not getting into the college they desire.Adding all these irrelevant subjects does not allow them to have a deep knowledge,which is what GATE is about.Mostly only those who by-heart things will be able to pass the prelims.THESE are the people who are more likely to be writing GATE to make their resume more appealing.I already felt bad when they introduced English in their papers even though i’m not really weak in English and it could maybe even work to my advantage..but it’s not fair. People say the education system here is bad already..why make it worse ?

  28. goto Hell Management. Its not Ur father property to change like anything. Its ur duity to organise as many aspirants as interested in gate.

  29. this is a very decision …..for just to remove their work burden of 11 lakh students .making exam tougher is not a solution …make committee for handle those large amount…….


  31. it is very essential to change the gate pattern.prelim aur mains hona hi chahiya taki koi bi chantu bantu aake hero na bane.agar change hoga to sabi ke liya mae kisi ki lyf kharab karne wali koi baat hi nahi hai.Prelims me objective pattern hona chahiya aur engg subjects to hone hi chahiya along wid apptitude,maths engg mechanics these subjects should be common 4 all descipline.and 1 month ke baad conventional hona chahiya.sorry for those who dont like it


  33. though the process is quite innovative, bt i think that it ould make the exam more tough. And this idea sounds bad for me.

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