Financial Assistance for GATE Qualified Candidates

GATE is one of the most reputed engineering exams in the country. The Graduate Aptitude Test in engineering exam is really pretty difficult to crack as the questions for the exam are prepared directly by one of the conducting IITs and the IISCs from the country.  The exam is conducted directly under the flagship of the central ministry under the education department. The candidates who are meritorious enough are able to crack and pass through the exam and thus succeed in getting a chance to study in one of the top and elite engineering institutes in the country, like in any one of the IITs and the IISCs.

Education and study has become a costly affair now days. Even though the students studying in the central government funded institutions which are often les costlier compared to the other private educational institutions, they often at times find it difficult to bear the education costs. Therefore they are often in the search of financial grants in the form of scholarships and other sponsorships from different trusts and organizations. Below are the required steps that a candidate must follow for ensuring a financial assistance from any of the earlier mentioned institutions or even for the loans from the banks.

  1. At first the candidate needs to secure an admission in any of the participating institutions in GATE exam through the proper selection process. The selection process and the methods might vary from one institution to the other as they are often institution specific although their overall admission structures and procedures remains the same.
  2. The qualification in the GATE exam is the basic requisite the candidate must comply with in order to apply for a fellowship programme or grant process.
  3. The participating IITs and the IISCs also provides financial grants and the fellowships that the student needs to keep a track of and have to apply for that accordingly through proper channels and procedures. These can be applied after or before the admission procedure to the particular institution is over. This generally varies from one institute to the other.
  4. The students who belong to the lower and backward sections of the society can apply for the various government grants and fellowships that are especially available to them for their betterment and for the development of the society and their social uplift.
  5. The government also at times provides loans and monetarily help to the meritorious and the needy students for their better performance in the exam. The students can keep a track of such facilities and can apply for the same accordingly.
  6. Last but not the least for the candidates who fail to bag any of the above facilities, can always opt for a bank loan. They have to submit their admission proof supported by an approval letter from the head of the admitted institute.

There is always more than one way to avail a financial assistance. The students should be aware of these facilities and have to apply for them accordingly.

GATE Examination – Recent Changes

GATE is the entrance examination for the engineering and other related streams that can be pursued from some of the elite engineering colleges across the country. The question patterns and the structure is changing always each year with the introduction of some new changes and the deletion of some old existing framework to keep at pace with the ever evolving examination patterns. The modifications are made keeping in mind not to hamper the present standard but to improve the existing framework and the question pattern for the examination. The examination structure has been to change recently in this year as well.

The few of the changes regarding the GATE exam are discussed below.

  1. There will be a total of 22 papers on which the examination will be conducted under the GATE examination flagship.
  2. A new paper called the Ecology and Evolution has been introduced from this year.
  3. All the papers under the GATE examination banner will be conducted through online examination process named to be Computer based Test namely the (CBT).
  4. Some of the gate papers and the examinations are held in more than one session that too in multiple sessions as per the requirement for that paper.
  5. All the candidates have been instructed to apply online only. They have tried to eliminate the offline process of application this time. This will ensure them for their contribution for a greener environment with the effectiveness of bringing the process of application streamlined and thus optimizing the application process as well.
  6. The admit cards as per the earlier process were generally sent by post or were mailed over the internet to the candidate. But from this time they have introduced the new option of downloading the admit cards directly from the zonal GATE websites under whom the candidates have made their application.

There have also been some changes in the question pattern as well. There have been the numerical types of questions pattern. In this pattern there will be no options that will be provided to the candidates. The questions are to carry 1 to 2 marks at maximum. There will not be any negative marks for the questions marked incorrectly. But the candidates have to select from a whole number as their answers. This will again play a direct role in impacting their overall score. The GATE conducting committee wants to evaluate the credibility of the candidates. They want the candidates to perform some real time calculating and not just at times trying out their luck in selecting the answers which at times might prove to be effective as well.

Referring to the changes above it is evident that proper note has to be made for the changes of the examination before starting to prepare for the exam. Only real information and proper guidance can lead to success and helps in clearing the exam without any obstacle. Effective planning for the exam is necessary for clearing the exam and for studying of the exam and thus maintaining the focus on the exam.

GATE 2015 Syllabus and Exam Pattern

GATE is the entrance exam for getting admission to the best and the top notch engineering colleges across the country for pursuing higher the master and higher studies. The candidates get the option to take up the subjects of their choice which matches their qualifying eligibility criteria. There are total of 22 subjects that are available to the students for appearing in the exams. The subjects are related to the qualifying streams and the candidates have to select the code for the particular subject for the exam and have to mention the same during the application process for appearing in the exam.

Syllabus for the exam:

There is a definite examination pattern that is being followed for every examination in case of all the subjects.  There are two sets of papers namely the XE which stands for the Engineering subjects and the XL which stands for the Life science subjects. Below is the question pattern provided for all the subjects in the exam.

  1. General Aptitude

General Aptitude part is common to all the papers and the subjects. This part covers all the relevant topics from language translation, checking the analytical skills of the candidate and also focuses on the logical reasoning ability as well. It has equal weightage and is considered to be equally important from the examination perspective.  The core papers helps in evaluating the candidates’ technical knowledge about the subject and the general aptitude helps in evaluating the candidates’ presence of mind, general awareness, general ability and other related parameters.

  1. For the Engineering subjects (XE)
    1. The candidates appearing for the engineering sciences section are required to appear for the mathematics paper that is compulsory for all appearing for the engineering subjects.
    2. They also have to appear for the general aptitude section that is compulsory for them to take. It helps in judging their general and logical reasoning.
    3. In addition to the above they have to select from the below two options as their paper of choices.
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Materials Science
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Food Technology
  1. For the Life Sciences subjects (XL)
    1. The candidates appearing for the Life Sciences subjects have to appear for the chemistry paper that is compulsory for all appearing for the life sciences subjects.
    2. They have to appear for the general aptitude paper as well as it seems to be the same for both the Engineering and the Life Sciences subjects.
    3. They also have to choose from the below two subjects for appearing in the exam.
  • Biochemistry
  • Botany
  • Microbiology
  • Zoology
  • Food Technology

Understanding the syllabus and the pattern of the examination is very important before appearing in any examination as it helps in understanding the exam clearly and thus accelerating the chances of clearing the exam positively. GATE being a very important exam and with its changing pattern each time it has become very important to be up to date with the examination pattern and to stay ahead of the crowd.

GATE 2015 Eligibility Criteria

GATE is a national level engineering entrance examination that is being conducted mainly by the IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) once in a year. It attracts the brightest of the minds from across the country who aspires to further their studies in the fields of Engineering.

Ownership of the examination

The graduate aptitude test in engineering is conducted under the flagship of the central ministry by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Department of Education. The National Coordinating board shares the responsibility of the exam with the many IITs and the IISCs from across the countries with each of them being responsible for conducting the exam each year. For the sake of the easy conducting of the exam they divide the responsibilities within the respective centres by dividing them into 8 zones, though the responsibility to conduct the exam finally remains with only one of the main conducting institutes. Like this year in 2014, the GATE exam was conducted by the IIT Kharagpur which is one of the best among the others.

Eligibility for the exam

There are certain important factors that should be taken into account before starting the application process for the gate exam. The applicant should check his eligibility for appearing into the exam. Not only the bachelors of technology and the bachelors of engineering are considered for the exam but various other bachelor and master degrees are also taken for granted. Below are the lists of bachelor degrees that are considered eligible for appearing for the exam.

  1. Bachelor of Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Technology
  3. Bachelor of Architecture
  4. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  5. Bachelor of Science
  6. Master of Science
  7. Master of Computer Application
  8. Master of Arts (in subjects like Mathematics and Statistics)
  9. Post Bachelor of Science degree holders in Engineering
  10. Integrated dual degree holder in engineering after 10 + 2
  11. Professional degree holders which stands equal to the bachelor of engineering or technology degree

There is a process of taking only the minimum eligibility criteria to be taken into granted while considering the candidates eligibility for the exam. This means even if the candidate posses the higher degrees than the minimum qualifying degree, still his candidature will be restricted to the available minimum criteria for the exam.

The candidates studying in the final year of the engineering course are also eligible for the application process provided they provide a certificate from the principal from their respective institutes declaring their eligibility for the exam and confirming the students merit and availability for the exam.

There is also a provision for the backlog students for appearing in the exam provided they are able to produce their mark sheet for the final year along with their principal’s approval letter.

The GATE exam is a very extensive exam aimed to test the students’ knowledge not only in the fields of the respective engineering subjects but also in other aspects as well. Therefore the students who are able to crack this exam are considered to be one of the best.

Employment through GATE 2015

GATE is one of the most important of the examinations for getting admissions in the top engineering colleges and pursuing the higher education in the respective engineering fields as well. There have been many changes in the GATE examination pattern and as per the announcements from the central examination boards the importance of the GATE examinations have increased significantly. GATE is now also considered to be the consolidated primary and qualifying examination for getting a chance to bag a job in the rewarding public sectors. This has led to more and more aspiring students taking up the GATE exam.

Gate opens a wide avenue to the students who are able to get a more decent score so as to secure a significant rank and number and even manage to secure an admission in any of the top engineering colleges. They get exposed to the industry experts who provide them with the opportunities they were looking to excel in the subjects of their interests.

  1. Recently many public sector organizations have been found to have signed the Memorandums of Understanding with the GATE organizers who have allowed them to use the GATE scores as one of the criteria using it for the purpose of screening for their recruitment process.
  2. Participating PSU lists range from the big names in the industry like the Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, National Fertilizers and others.
  3. Candidates can also opt for research fellow ships if they don’t feel interested in pursuing jobs. The research fellowships are the ideal for the scholars and the meritoriou8s students who all want to do research and unravel new inventions and techniques. This process not only helps the in pursuing their dreams by helping them with the much needed funds for the project of their dreams but also alongside helps with some financial assistance as well.
  4. Students can opt for the position of an associate or assistant professor in any of the government and private engineering colleges. They can thus continue to be in touch with their process of education and can contribute to share their valuable knowledge and experiences with the rest of the students as well guiding them to success.
  5. They can also pursue their career as a subject matter expert in the respective fields. A subject matter expert is in great demand in the market because of their specialized knowledge in the relevant fields, which makes them a more valuable asset to the company or organization for which they are working for.

The students can get an opportunity to take up a decent job in any of the renowned Public sector organisations in the country or even can go on with their dreams of higher studies. But in any way or the other GATE opens the doors of opportunities to the deserving candidates allowing them to make the right choices which might help them to perform better and can lead to their growth along with the growth of the society and the nation as a whole.