GATE Study Materials and Books

Candidates applying for the GATE exam can get coaching for the exam from different coaching institutions conducting GATE coaching classes all over India. Apart from this the students can prepare themselves for the GATE exam with the help of study materials like previous year question papers, books written by specialists, etc. The most recommended GATE study materials are the reference books, GATE study materials from gate coaching institutions, video tutorials from IIT professors and class notes. The study material for GATE is being offered by different websites and one of them which offering GATE study materials for free is

This website offers study material for each branch of GATE exam and the website also provide sample test papers, which is the past years question paper for each group with answers. This will be useful for the students to prepare and evaluate themselves. Apart from study materials the website also provides all other information regarding GATE exam. This website offers the past 10 years GATE question papers (1999-2009) for subjects like chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, microbiology and zoology. In addition to this, the website also enables downloading of different biology books. This website offers study materials and past 10 years question papers with answer key for the GATE exam. Apart from study materials the website also provides all other information regarding GATE exam. The website not only provides GATE exam study material and information, but also the information regarding other common exams like TOEFL, GMAT, CAT, etc. This website offers online GATE practice test for the groups Computer Science and Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Life Sciences. Apart from these GATE practice tests for particular groups, the website also conducts GATE general Aptitude Test and the test contains questions from previous year papers. The candidates can attend the test only if they have login ID and password, for which the candidate will have to register with this website.
In addition to the above-mentioned website, the following websites offer eBooks for GATE exam:

List of free E-books for Effective GATE Exam Preparations

List of free E-books

O'Reilly online

Computer books and manuals

The Network Book

Some #bookwarez.efnet.irc links

Some #bookwarez.efnet.irc fiction

Pimpas online books (Indonesia)

Security, privacy and cryptography

My own misc online reading material

Computer books

Linux documentation

FreeBSD documentation

SGI documentation;td=2

IBM Online Redbooks

Digital Unix documentation

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

UNIX stuff

Programmers reading

Java stuff

Lisp stuff

Ada stuff

Database reading

SQL stuff

Visual Basic stuff

Handbook of Applied Cryptography< /a>

X Window System

GTK and Gnome stuff

QT and KDE stuff

Corba stuff

TCP/IP info

Misc programmers reading

Some useful tech articles

Considering Hacking Constructive

Eric's Random Writings

IBM's History

Electronic Publishing

Digital processing

Network iQ Router Reference Manual

Cisco Product Documentation

Novell developers appnotes

Icons for your desktop

Hackers' Hall of Fame at Discovery Online

Symbols and signs and ideograms and stuff

Misc reading material

Dantes Inferno

Books and texts

Octavo books

Project Gutenberg - books and texts

Project Runeberg - Scandinavian in books and texts

The Elements of Style

Bigtext - illustrated books and manuals for DOS

Breeze - a complete text system for Windows

Language links

Seven Wonders of the World

Medieval history

Stonehenges Legends

In Parentheses historical papers

Bulfinchs Mythology

Index of cults

Heretical speculation

The esoteric Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani

Runes and Norse stuff

Extinction level events

Stephen Hawkings Universe

The constellations

Falling into a black hole

Gravity is a push

Online audiobooks

NewMedia Classics

Online Books Archive

Internet Public Library

PalmPilot E-Text Ring

Virtual Free Books

All About Ebooks