GATE Previous year Top Marks (GATE 2010 and GATE 2011)

Once you decided to take GATE Exam you must be looking for information that will help you stay on top. Help you determine how much effort needed for preparation and kind of preparation expected and a method to evaluate where you stand. Top marks in GATE will help you see where the competition is heading and how to prepare for it. Have a look at top GATE 2010 marks to get an idea how competitive GATE is in 2012.
Trends are changing in technical education and industry. Fresh graduate, even from IITs, are appearing for GATE to try their luck and explore larger possibilities. They want to have best possible opportunities to select from before they make decisions of their future.
Having an idea about top marks will help you in evaluating your performance in GATE preparation, especially when you take practice test. It will be a good pointer to know how many marks one needs to stand in top.

Top Marks in GATE 2011

Discipline Rank Top Marks
Computer Science and Engineering and IT (CS and IT) 1 94.33
Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) 1 91.33
Electrical Engineering (EE) 1 74
Mechanical Engineering (ME) 1 87.67
Civil Engineering (CE) 1 74.33
Instrumentation Engineering (IN) 1 62.67
Chemical Engineering (CH) 1 76.33
Biotechnology (BT) 1 79

 Top Marks in GATE 2010

Discipline Rank Top Marks
Computer Science and Engineering and IT (CS and IT) 1 85.33
Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) 1 79
Electrical Engineering (EE) 5
Top Marks Guess
Mechanical Engineering (ME) 4
Top Marks Guess
Civil Engineering (CE) 9
Top Marks Guess
Instrumentation Engineering (IN) 1
Chemical Engineering 4
Top Marks Guess
Production and Industrial Engineering (PI) 2
Top Marks Guess
Physics 1 77.6

Though one should try to target the maximum marks, top marks in previous years would give an idea of how much effort is needed. In general you must score over 85 in practice test to stand in top scorers in GATE exam. Apart from all data presented here I ask every single individual to target 100 marks. You have enough time and you can make it too.

Do not forget to share this with your friends. If you get to know top marks in any other subject please let me know, I will update the data. Let’s hope this will help many students.
Wish you all a wonderful luck ahead.