GATE Exam Tricks

As we all know the success in any field depends on dedicated practice and good efforts to achieve the desired results. Particularly, when it comes to education students should put their dedicated effort to get the fruit of success. Almost all the students taking up the GATE exam wish to score good marks and get admission in top rated institutions in India for continuing their higher education. Some tips for succeeding in the GATE exam are given below:

Develop your basic knowledge:

Basically, GATE exam tests the basic knowledge of the students in subjects like Mathematics, physics and chemistry. Most of the questions are based on the fundamentals. Preparing for GATE exam is a continuous process and it should happen in stages. First, make yourself strong in the fundamentals and test yourself on those fundamentals.

Mock Test:

Students can take up the mock test, which is being conducted online by several websites and the results of the mock test will be useful for the students to judge themselves against the crowd of competitors.

Coaching Institute:

The students should be careful in selecting the appropriate coaching material and coaching institute. For this the students can get the help of the senior students who have successfully completed their GATE exam.


If the students wish to prepare themselves for GATE exam without going for any coaching classes they can use the following tips:

  • Practice with the help of previous year question papers.
  • Solve more and more problems.
  • Refer at least five books for each subject; this will be helpful for widening your knowledge in the subject.
  • Note down necessary formulae and theory and refer it every now and then.
  • Attend self-assessment tests being conducted free of cost by different websites.
  • Get the help of some experts in the subjects in case of any doubts.

Wishing you success in your GATE exam!!!

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  1. Is there any online site.Which takes online tests for GATE 2014??pls suggest good choice>>

  2. i am RAM,and i am going to crack GATE ,i don’t wanna goto an institute .so can anyone tell me how to get the GATE rank .Thank you. :-D MAIL…..>>

    1. try this link leave a message and your email id as well. you will receive gate self assesment material for free… dont forget to like the page after that

  3. abae chutiya kaat ra hai yeh bsdka each sub 5 books,lund hai sala. call me i had secured good rank 2times,once 3507 score 314,next 4476 score 194. past yr paper karlo 1mahinae pehlae bass.aur khuch nai baki time kippa-kaapa.

  4. Thanks for sharing this gate exam tricks. I hope one score well who foollow these gate exam tricks in the gate exam.

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