Mock Test for GATE Online Examination

The candidates appearing online GATE examination on 30-01-2011 (Papers: AE, GG, MN and TF) can have a practice session by undergoing a ‘mocktest’ in the applicable paper. The instructions for downloading the applicable mock test are given below:
  • You can download a ZIP file by clicking on one of the links (‘AE’ or ‘GG’ or ‘MN’ or ‘TF’) listed below.
  • The ZIP file will contain one windows executable file ‘GATE_Mock_Test_For_XX.exe’ (XX -> Paper Code).
  • This executable file is the ‘setup’ file for ‘mocktest’.
  • The candidate should execute this file in a windows system (Windows XP).
  • On successful completion of the installation, a folder ‘GATE_Mock_Test_For_XX’ will be created in the installation directory (as selected by the candidate, the default being ‘C:\Program_files’). Optionally during installation, a desktop icon may be directly created.
  • The folder ‘GATE_Mock_Test_For_XX’ contains a file ‘gate_sample.exe’ which should be executed for practicing online examination. (Or if the desktop icon is created during installtion, the icon may be clicked for invoking the practice session).