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  • There was a Fortunate Announcement given by our IIT-B that “” Candidates who have appeared for GATE 2013 Offline exam papers including EE,EC,ME,CS,IN,PI., will be able to view all of your ORS SHEET on-line by 1-5 MARCH 2013.
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  • In case if you find out any mistakes you can report to your neighbour IIT for verifications!
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New GATE 2013 Score Calculation Formula

The GATE 2013 will be loaded with amendments in it and among these changes the major one is the GATE Score Calculation Formula itself. One doubt that often comes to a candidates mind is that if the marks are available then what is the need to calculate such scores. Well, probably its just a measure of one’s success in GATE exam standardized with the number of applicants appeared (previously) or marks of number of students qualified (now). Previously the average and standard deviation of candidates appeared in all the years as the GATE Score was calculates on these parameters as well. The scores can never be mapped back into the marks of the candidates until we know these parameters.

The Formula for calculating the GATE 2013 Score is

S = Sq+(St-Sq)[(M – M q )/(M’t-Mq)]

where the parameters stand as

S = Normalized GATE Score of the candidate
M = Marks obtained by the candidate in specific paper
Mq = Qualifying marks for general category in that paper
M’t = average marks of top 0.1% or 10 (whichever is higher) of the candidate in paper
Sq = GATE score assigned to qualifying marks (usually 300)
St = GATE score assigned to top 0.1% candidates (usually 900)
An important point to note in the above formula is that the GATE Score will be set to 0 for any score of value less than zero and the score will be set to 1000 for any vale more than thousand. This explains that fact that multiple candidates having same GATE score of 1000 but will achieve different ranks as ranking will be based on the actual obtained marks by the candidates. The above formula shows that the GATE Score this year is a very normalized score and the score less than 300 would be considered to be a non- qualifying score for the general category.

Unlike the earlier score calculating formula once the Score and the qualifying marks of a candidate are known this year then it is possible to map back to marks of the applicant. This will give an idea of the AIR ranks and also a close estimate of the reasonable score required to get into various IIT’s and NIT’s based on the data of previous years thus it provides an insight into getting the admission to various colleges. The GATE Score 2013 is more focused on the performance and ability of the student. This could lead to only one year validity of the GATE Score in the years to come and thus making admissions tough through this entrance test. Candidates have to make the decision to joint the same year as well. Even the students of the third year are not allowed to appear in the GATE exam since 2011. These changes seem to be interesting but on the other side the changes appear as a tough time for students making them prepare well and decide instantly.
May all the Candidates do well.

GATE 2013 Answer Key for All Branches – EC, CS, ME, IN, CE, EE

Guys hope you all did the gate 2013 exam well. Some may feel difficult and some may feel easy, mostly its depends on your level of preparation. Few prepare well for the exam and could not do the exam well. These are all few categories of people but all are keen to know their results. So here i am sharing the gate 2013 answer key prepared from various gate coaching institute. Guys this answer key is not accurate, some answers in the key may be wrong, it is on your own risk.

ACE GATE 2013 Answer Key

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Computer Science & Information Technology Will be updated very soon

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Instrumentation Engineering Will be updated very soon

GATE 2013 Answer Key by GATE Forum

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The GATE Academy GATE 2013 Answer Key


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