Improve Your Possibilities To Do MS(research) In IIT

For those who didn’t get good score in gate ,this is an excellent opportunity to do MS(research) in IIT’s .Apply for project associate jobs in leading IIT’s and you will come to know some excellent research works going on. for an example look at this project for mechanical engineering “Development of Light Weight Ballistic-Materials System for Body, Vehicle and Structural Armors”.This project is from IIT Delhi.You could get upto 15000 salary and you could work for minimum 1 year. In chennai , IIT research park is located in taramani with huge,excellent infrastructure and covers more than 10 acres which includes food courts, cyber cafe,terrace garden etc .All you have to do is mail your resume to mail id given in the advertisement and there will be an interview ,to test your basics and skills .There are thousands of postings available every year in various IIT’s and various departments .

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you will be given a certificate and the work experience you could add to your resume ,It increase your job opportunity too .After considering your performance in this job and also considering your gate score you could get MS (research) admission.

All The Best.

Admission in IIT Guwahati

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, the sixth member of the IIT fraternity, was established in 1994. The academic programme of IIT Guwahati commenced in 1995.

At present the Institute has eleven departments and three inter-disciplinary academic centres covering all the major engineering, science and humanities disciplines, offering BTech, BDes, MA, MDes, MTech, MSc and PhD programmes. Within a short period of time, IIT Guwahati has been able to build up world class infrastructure for carrying out advanced research and has been equipped with state-of-the-art scientific and engineering instruments.

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati’s campus is on a sprawling 285 hectares plot of land on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra around 20 kms. from the heart of the city. With the majestic Brahmaputra on one side, and with hills and vast open spaces on others, the campus provides an ideal setting for learning.

IIT Guwahati is one of the leading technical institutions of the country. The student strength is just over 4400 in August 2012. Currently there are 310 faculty. About 570 papers were published in journals and about 580 were presented in conferences in 2011-12. The number of PhD students on campus is nearly 1000. There are more than 350 sponsored projects being undertaken at present. There is therefore a strong R&D atmosphere in the Institute. This enhances the teaching process.

IIT Guwahati is committed to excellence in all spheres of its activities. It is conscious that the brand IIT sustains itself mainly due to this commitment to excellence. We always strive to do better. The students graduating from this institute are all very bright. They have entered the institute by proving themselves in their earlier place of learning and by successfully competing with their peers.

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What Has To Be Done With Our Education System

As in papers we all could proudly say that we are engineers, but think deeply whether our knowledge as an engineer is enough?  Do we have a good education both technically and morally?

India has the greatest strength called “Human Resource”, still education system is poor .After completing 12th or inter, how many of us opted engineering with passion? we have this excuse like” we have concentrated too hard to get more marks in public exams to enter good college”,so we did not had time to think what is after scoring marks .when we enter engineering ,again this marks system continues (even grades) ,if you ask me its teachers’ responsibility to educate students about what is engineering and they should spend some time for motivating students about what an engineer possibly could do .It is often we came to hear from an educationalist and celebrities that Indian educational system helps to produce clerks not leaders .What irritates me so much is that a guy who is a civil engineering graduate and with expertise technical knowledge opts software company .Again  in software company, we work as clerks ,and in core companies only IIT people get opportunities to work in design fields and most of the industries completely rely on readymade design from other foreign countries mainly China , Japan etc. It is production that improves country’s economy, with all this human resource and 550000 engineers per year why we should still depend on foreign designs?.They say that only 25% of engineering graduates are readily employable in IT companies so we struggle there too. we have more than 2500 engineering colleges but only 100 to 200 colleges providing good education .Out of this big number, only 50% gets a job and 22% struggle for more than two years for job and finally end up BPO. This is the current situation, but still if you ask the parents what your son should be in life? They will say mechanical or electrical engineer .And where he should work? Obviously IT company. We should at least come to know what is engineering and our role as engineer in our third year of college and about education in final year atleast ,so that we could shine wherever we go both technically and personally.

Here is some suggestions to improve our engineering education system

1. Improve elementary and secondary school education to provide the background students will need to succeed in engineering school. This should include offering classes that begin to develop engineering skills at a early point. It should also include various levels of classes to allow students who show exceptional aptitude to get the training to help them achieve their full potential.

2. Having a wide breadth of education is important, and I believe most engineering programs already require this. However, great improvements may be made by improving the quality and relevance of these courses. Focusing on the key areas where one would need to be educated to understand and make good decisions (history, philosophy, economics) and be well-rounded (art, literature, music) would better train future engineers.

3. Engineering, being a very practical field, requires experience and exposure to the “real world” to be fully capable and successful. Integrating work experiences with education is key to training good engineers who can both “hit the ground running” when they start to work and appreciate and get the most out of their education while they are still in school.

4. If more engineers will be needed, and there is concern that the required numbers will not be able to make it through the current curriculum, it may be best to develop and offer a parallel curriculum that would be less intense. This would obviously not match the training the engineers who complete the standard curriculum would get, but it may allow those who could not complete the regular curriculum to enter the engineering field.

5. Part of the engineering curriculum should be adjusted to better prepare students for what they will encounter in their work. Statistics, problem solving, safety and basic business acumen are areas in which every engineer should be knowledgeable.

6. Public relations is important, and helping to teach people about the value of engineering, the roles that engineers play in our world and the opportunities that exist for engineers may help many to be inspired to become engineers. While it is clear that the current state of engineering education could use some adjustments, we need to be careful that we do it in a way that actually improves it. Taking measures that sound good on paper but nearly compromise the educational standards may just be taking the easy way out.

We need to drive to be better, and find ways to help others meet higher standards. It sounds tough, but tough problems are where engineers shine. Let’s make sure we do so in our education and training as well.



JEST Exam Which Is Equivalent To GATE

JEST( Joint Entrance Screening Test) is an annual qualifying exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Science, IISC Bangalore. Usually it is conducted in the month of February exactly one week after the GATE exam. Though it is conducted by the prestigious IISC, there are very few takers for JEST. 23 national colleges recruit students to their post graduate and Doctorate studies based on their JEST scores.


All physics majors( both undergrads and postgrads)  and engineering graduates, wishing to pursue doctorate/ integrated phd( for under graduates).


The syllabus is only Physics. So it will be a great advantage for the BSc and MSc Physics graduates and other students who are strong in physics also. There is one more course for computer students- Phd in theoretical computer science. The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), Chennai is the only institution which currently offers a Ph.D. in Theoretical Computer Science.


Top scorers can study the five year integrated Phd program in astrophysics from IISc with a stipend of 18000Rs per month. This is the most desired course for under graduates. And there is the Phd course for post graduates. Besides this a lot of other courses are offered by the 23 participating colleges. But the main field is astronomy. If you are interested in making astronomy as your profession, then JEST is the exam for you. A majority of scientists working in ISRO are IISC alumni, who took JEST exam. IISC is also a major exporter to NASA besides the the IITs. And don’t forget the fact that all R&D teams of all major companies recruit doctorates from the 23 participating institutes. So you can expect a minimum of 12 lakh rs/annum pay if you clear JEST and get admission into any one of the college.

JEST advantage:

Due to the tough syllabus only few people take JEST exam. Please note that only 8000 students applied for JEST 2013. And more than 800 of them cleared JEST. All these 800 students are guaranteed a seat in one of the prestigious participating institutes. I don’t know why students don’t opt to try JEST despite the fact that one in 10 clear it. The application fee is a mere 100 RS. Sure, Bsc and Msc physics graduates have a greater advantage because the JEST syllabus is only physics. But engineering graduates too can try out their luck as the number of students taking the exam is very low.

For other details:

Visit the official JEST website for detailed information about the syllabus, eligibility,  and sample question papers. The list of participating institutes and the courses offered are also mentioned there. This would be a nice time to start preparing for JEST as there are 10 more months before JEST 2014. All the best.

What Mtech Actually Is And How To Be Prepared

Gate exams are over ,results came and we have started applying for IIT’s and NIT’s .Before applying for MTech just ask these questions . Why to do MTech?  What options after MTech?  Are we prepared to do MTech?

Why to do MTech?

Is it your dream to pursue MTech or is it due to factors like peer pressure, earning lots of money etc.,? It is important that you prepare yourself before entering IIT because it is no child’s play. The syllabus is vast, and the topics which you haven’t come across are explored deeply.  You  have to face terrible pressures like assignments, tests, and cpg. You can get through all these pressures only if you have passion. Think about what is going on in the outside world like research works, designs, and other important discoveries. If your intention is to gain knowledge, then you will not feel the pressure. But if you start to think about placements, then you will burden yourself with additional pressure to score more cpg. When you have good cpg, you can land a job in top companies like Nissan, Volvo, Mahindra, Google etc,. I have friends who are placed in Texas instruments and Bell labs and trust me, they never bothered about their cpg. All they wanted to do was gather knowledge. Ultimately its all about handling pressure and the simplest way to do is to change our mentality.

How to be prepared?

When I took GATE coaching, the staff used to say that GATE is not a tough exam but it is a standard one. After clearing GATE, it will be tough for those who mugged up formulae and concepts. You cannot mug your way through IIT. In my personal experience, it is true what they say. So while doing the assignments, try to think conceptually. The only way is to be strong in your basics and stick to it firmly. Some topics in Mathematics will always come in handy while solving assignment problems. So don’t ever omit mathematics while preparing for GATE. Try to revise GATE topics frequently.  Keeping in touch with matlab and pspice will be much useful.

These are some inspirational books that can induce passion. Try reading them and you will start appreciating science and begin to read conceptually if you have not already.

All books by Stephen Hawking., Dr.Feynman lectures., Normal accidents: living with high risk technologies., Psychology of everyday things etc.