Time To Face The GATE 2014 Changes As Challenges

GATE is one of the character- making and educative exam .As we know there were no big changes in GATE for more than 5 to 6 years .Now the GATE committee is thinking about changing the GATE syllabus and pattern. We could expect high standard pattern and syllabus as they are planning to improve the standard to the international level .We could expect two sets of exams one on aptitude and another on core subjects.

This clearly indicates that we might face some tough time due to the change .They are actually trying to reduce number of students appearing for GATE and number of students just qualifying .This change could actually affect many students psychologically who have planned already.This is the time to be clear and confident .These changes might test their character totally.

Some people might be preparing for more than two years for GATE ,concentrating on the particular part of the syllabus .They might have skipped the aptitude and English part for previous GATE exam. This time it won’t happen that way and they might give 50% importance for Maths, English and apps. Now it’s the time for us to go through our basic Mathematics , aptitude and English (both verbal and grammar). Best way to improve our Maths skill is to read NCERT books for 10th ,11th and 12th .For English its Wren and Martin grammar book and R.S.Agarwal’s aptitude books will help us to prepare for aptitude and improvement in problem- solving skills. These books could be added to nice GATE book list.

So , finally, it’s our attitude that is going to play a vital role in GATE 2014 .We should take it as a challenge and we should be prepared for any changes in syllabus or pattern that might probably happen.  GATE Mental preparation enable us to tackle these changes. As my professor used to say GATE is not a tough exam but it’s a standard exam.The more you work harder,more are the brighter chances to succeed.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. -Thomas A.Edison

Its All About Good GATE Prep Books

We all know GATE is a standard exam .We have gone through the GATE syllabus in our college days .GATE syllabus is the same as the syllabus which we have been studying during our four years of college ,but why it seems so tough for us?

As I have mentioned gate is the standard exam, it will check our basics and quality in our preparation .Quality in preparation means how deep and how strong we are in the topic .To maintain the quality in our preparation, we need good books.

What difference a good book could make and what low standard books fail to do?

A good book should make us think deeply about the topic it covers ,it will raise thousands of doubts about the topic and low standard books will just work as a refresher guide, so it won’t help us to go deeply into the topic .But helps you memorize and we will be satisfied by thinking we have completed the topic .On the other hand ,doubts will help us to search from various sources and if all our doubts gets clear then we will be very strong in those topics .This is how we are expected to study .Even the exercise problems from the good book, has a concept awaiting for you to learn after solving it. This could help us to realize the concepts practically .Low standard books fail to maintain an organized way of explaining the concepts .These books will cover the syllabus and important questions that is expected to repeat in the semester exams .We know GATE won’t work that way ,so these books are not recommendable .

How to read these GATE books?

Standard books will be using standard English .So that we should be requiring a dictionary by our side .Topics in these books won’t be so lengthy but it covers everything about the topic in two to three pages. Rest of the details are explained in terms of derivations. So we should not skip even a single word or derivation .We should be strong enough in the language of mathematics, to understand the concept behind derivations and formulas .If you don’t have much time to prepare, then you should try at least to go through worked-out examples.

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Mental Preparation For GATE 2014

It is always good to prepare GATE 2014 after completing final year of college. If you ask me why, that would force me to ask this question to you: Which among these is classic? Test cricket or T20? I will say test cricket, because it will test your whole character as a cricketer. For playing test cricket your mindset should be very strong. So is preparing for GATE after completing your college. GATE 2014 exam preparations will check your patience especially. Before taking this path, you should ask yourself some questions.

Are you really passionate about GATE?

What are all the good stuff that will happen after achieving in gate?

If you are really passionate and if you know the good stuff that is going to happen after GATE, you could start preparing for gate by preparing your mindset.

Few important things that we have to concentrate on


2.Positive thinking




6.Being happy and active


Like test cricket, patience plays a very important role in GATE preparation. First, being calm and patient will help you maintain good mindset. Things that you want will come to you one way or the other if you try hard. So, being patient will help you to focus on the winning part and push you to keep on trying. Sometimes, you may lose patience when you can’t solve the simple problems that your friends could do easily or you may not be able to understand even the simpler concepts. In that case you should try to get the answers by referring books or the internet and learn to maintain your patience. This is what education is all about- “searching”. One should not lose patience and give up or reduce the goals at any point of time.

Positive Thinking:

Being positive always helps to boost up your attitude towards facing problems. There will be times when fear will start to play its part. It will check you like bouncers from fast bowlers. You might get scared about the whole GATE exam if you check the statistics and see the number of people who actually clear GATE each year against the number of applicants. Sometimes, your peer’s intelligence will bother you so much that you can’t concentrate on your natural strength. Always knowing your strength and concentrating on that will help you to win this fear. Courage, the will to challenge and a ‘nothing to lose mentality’ forms weird combination but it will always help. Initially comparison won’t help.


This word might seem boring for most of us. But it is very powerful when it comes to long term preparation. Maintaining a proper schedule helps to avoid time wastage. Things like early rising, healthy food habits, avoiding smoking and drinking, regular to classes and time management helps you to maintain a pressure free composure. Unhealthy habits may affect your immunity and very useful days might get wasted. So avoiding smoking and drinking helps in maintaining a pleasant mood.


During GATE classes or during GATE self study, concentration plays a key role. It doesn’t matter how much time we spend in a day to study, its about how deeply we concentrate while studying. Sometimes, we force ourselves to prepare for two to three hours but while revising we can’t remember anything. This is due to lack of concentration. Little bit of meditation daily might help.


After completing all the GATE syllabus, one should start concentrating on speed. How fast could you come out with the concept behind a problem and what formula to be used? solving more aptitude problems set will help improve your speed.

Being active and happy:

During preparations one may get frustrated very badly. Thousands of negative questions may arise in your mind and it will lead to break down. At that time, you might end up giving up, or your mind will force you to be lethargic. Going in one more round when you don’t think you can, thats what makes all the difference in our lives. During the peak of the GATE preparation like in the month of January, you might lose control and start to waste your time in movies, facebook, chatting etc. You could try to avoid those things gradually. 5 to 10 mins of listening music is good and is a healthy way of refreshing.

If we strictly follow all these things, GATE exam is all yours.

Do what you believe and you will be surprised by the outcome.

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Cracking GATE 2014 – Preparation Tips and Study Materials

To cracking the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE Exam) opens the ways to opportunities in higher education. The GATE is the test that sees intense competition for seats in post-graduate courses in engineering and sciences in top institutes in the India is administered by the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc). Though a separate test is conducted in many states in India for admission into M.Tech and ME courses first preference for filling up the M.Tech and ME seats is given to GATE Score. Some institutions specify GATE mark as mandatory even for admission of self-financing students to join  postgraduate programmes. Over the past few years, the number of applicants for GATE has increased for various reasons like changes in pattern, Public Sector Undertakings (PSU Jobs) considering GATE scores for recruitment, attractive career options for post-graduates and the urge to stand out among the increasing number of engineering graduates among others. “GATE 2013 scores would be considered as the merit criterion by organisations such as Powergrid, BHEL, IOCL and NTPC, for recruitment to the posts of Executive Trainees and Management Trainees. Preparation for GATE comes handy for other PSU exams like CIL, SAILGAIL etc and also campus recruitment interviews,”.

Things to know to Crack GATE 2014

Pre-final year students ie third year students are not be eligible for GATE 2013. “But this should not affect preparation of pre-final year students who plan to appear for GATE when eligible, as it is always better to start early and revise towards the end. Out of the 21 optional in GATE, only one can be taken in a particular year. There is no restriction on which optional you can take in GATE. But, candidates wishing to attempt an optional not related to their qualifying degree, must check the admission rules of the institutes of interest carefully,”.

GATE 2014 Question Pattern

A close look at the changing pattern of the GATE exam over the years indicates that precision is the key ingredient for success in GATE 2014. The three-hour GATE paper will have a total of 65 questions. General Aptitude plays a significant role in maximizing the score, with as much as 15 per cent weight-age. Engineering mathematics also enjoys a weight-age of 15 per cent in GATE Exam.Practice will help candidates sharpen their basic skills and make you perfect so as to derive the maximum benefit from these sections. Engineering subjects, where the fundamentals are tested, enjoy 70 per cent weight-age. GATE Engineering subjects Question types would fall into three broad categories – memory, application of knowledge and conceptual understanding. Answers once marked cannot be changed. So, be careful. Only black ink ball pen are to be used for marking the answers. Pencils are not allowed to fill your GATE OMR answer sheet.GATE exams conducted yearly once only, so candidates should plan their GATE 2014 preparation strategically, by solving previous years GATE question papers and analyzing the weightages for various topics GATE previous years question papers. “Concepts should be revised, practice papers and previous/mock GATE papers should be solved, Now a days many sites are providing GATE mock online test for free and some paid services also available in the internet. So it is in your hand to utilize it effectively since these GATE mock test are help you very much to crack GATE 2014.

GATE 2014 Application

Previous year (GATE 2012) candidates need to register and fill the application Online only as the sale of application forms through banks and GATE office counters has been discontinued. The admit cards were to be downloaded from the respective IIT websites. So they may follow this for GATE 2014 also. In GATE 2012, a total of six papers (AR, GG, TF, AE, AG and MN) will be conducted completely online. GATE 2013 the examination for the papers with codes AE, AG, AR, BT, CE, CH, CY, GG, MA, MN, MT, PH, TF, XE and XL will be conducted ONLINE using computers where the candidates will be required to select the answer for each question using a mouse. For all other papers (CS, EC, EE, IN, ME & PI), the exam will be conducted OFFLINE in which candidates will have to mark the correct choice on an Optical Response Sheet (ORS) by darkening the appropriate bubble against each question.. Before applying GATE 2014, candidates must ensure that they have chosen the right paper, which qualifies them to become eligible to seek admission to the specific programmes they are interested in. Academics say students getting ranks below 100 can be assured of a seat in either the IISc or top IITs. Several other good colleges that take students for master’s programme through GATE include the NITs located across the country and the university colleges.How to Apply for GATE 2013?

GATE 2014 Score

After the evaluation of the answers, the raw marks obtained by a candidate will be converted to a normalised GATE Score. From 2013 onwards, a new formula will be used to calculate the GATE 2013 Score.

GATE 2014 Results

GATE 2014 results will be announced on March 15, 2014 at 10:00 hrs and will be available on the GATE Online Applicant Website. GATE 2014 score is valid for TWO YEARS from the date of announcement of the results.

GATE 2014 Important Dates

Commencement of Online Application submission 1st week of Sept 2013
Last date for:
a) Submission of Online Application Form (website closure) last week of Sept 2013
b) Receipt of printed version of ONLINE Application at  respective GATE Offices 2nd week of Oct 2013
Announcement of results Saturday 15 March 2014

Extended online application submission for the GATE 2014 ends on October 1st morning 10 AM, Changing the uploaded photo and signature will be available till October 3rd. There is no change on closing date of receipt of printed version of your online application at respective GATE zonal offices.

GATE 2014 Syllabus

Off course syllabus is the main part of every exam. GATE exam is conducted for various engineering disciplines. GATE 2014 syllabus is available for 21 different branches. Aspirants have to choose one among them at GATE 2013 Syllabus. Please check and conform your eligibility before choosing your interested branches.

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What IIT means to those who are passionate about studies

There are so many students clearing 12th exam and engineering every year, but only a few people opt  IIT and NIT as their future. Some people who doesn’t choose this path may think ,”why to do these serious studies and face tremendous pressure?” .These are common statements from those guys ,but what does it mean to others .Here are some inspiring people,their stories and what IIT actually means to them.One of them is Durga Prasad . He completed Btech and Mtech in BioMedical dept in IIT madras ,I was discussing about GATE exam and what to do about my score after failing in GATE  with my friends in IIT madras and this guy is my friend’s M tech senior ,he just introduced himself and started his story .He was an average student till 10th and 11th  his percentage in 10th exam is only 60% and I have asked him how he got this interest in studies. He replied that he was inspired by his physics teacher while attending lectures on “photo electric effect”. At that time he couldn’t understand anything, so he asked doubts about that topic to him and his lecturer started explaining from atomic structure ,to make him understand the topic .

Then he came to realize that his basics were weak. Then he started concentrating on basics then in 12th.Then in 12th he got only 70% .After 12th , he went for coaching at KOTA for IITJEE to pursue his dream of IIT ,instead of joining local engineering college like friends .Then again he took four years to qualify IITJEE and the final attempt was tremendous and he got 250th rank in IITJEE .He was 22, while entering IIT and he is now 28 and still studying .I have asked why one should waste this much time just to study in IIT, he said that,to realize what is IIT and why to go for IIT ,one has to study there. Another guy from Andhra has dropped school after 9th std and after 5 years he again started studying. And then he completed diploma and engineering in a local college .After completing engineering he stared preparing for GATE . It took two years for him to clear GATE and he is now doing M tech Process Control in NIT trichy . These people that I have mentioned are not wealthy .One thing common between these set of people is determination .They once came to know what they are eligible of and they cannot compromise on anything less than what they really could achieve .In my point of view ,that’s the perfect education. In india getting admission in IIT’s is one big task and if you could achieve it ,then your level of thinking will change and then there will be nothing that you cannot do after achieving it.

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IIT or IISc – A Comparison Guide You Better

As the result time is approaching, one question arises every time in the minds of the students who cleared JEE (advance). The question is which institute to choose between Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc). As I am going through internet regularly, I have seen this question many a times and every person has different opinion regarding this. Sometimes this creates confusion in the minds of students in this crucial time of their life. After going through the reviews, surfing on the net and from my personal opinion, I want to give the answer to this question to our readers.

As we all know both the institutes are among one of the best institutes of India and students find themselves lucky to have the option of these institutes but still there are lot of debates on this to select the best between them. Due to the popularity of the brand name IIT, few toppers got struck into the decision making process but mostly toppers prefer to go to IISc. Now I am going to show you the main differences between them to clear all your doubts.

Faculty:- Before going to any institute, it’s the responsibility of students and parents as well to check the faculty of department their ward gets admission. IISc has a very best faculty who had been awarded or nominated for noble prizes but still they love their labs and works in IISc. No other institute can match their faculty.

Infrastructure and application:- Both the institutes are equipped with excellent infrastructure but the major difference lies in its application in the nation. In IISc, the professors have a specific area allotted to them and they works on the particular area for many years. They collect resources and the best thing about them is that they know how to use them and to contribute them in scientific development. But if we look into IIT’s, they do not have that much skilled man power that can exploit the infrastructure up to its full potential. In IIT’s most focus is given on the existing technology and its applications.

Research Collaboration:- IISc has one of the best faculty who is also known as the creators of science and father of new areas, and have contacts all over the world. The students from IISc can easily get accepted by any of the top Universities of the nation due to the level of knowledge they got from the research work performed during their college life. IISc has various types of Research collaborations with many of the reputed industries and universities across the globe. In IIT’s these facility are in initial stage. They have to travel many miles to match with the IISc.

Placements:- It’s a great honour for the students to get admissions into the IISc and with these much facilities provided to them, I don’t think students look for the placements. They mostly prefer to go in higher level of research as they create an attitude to go into the depth of everything which they learn.

After all these, I must say both are among the institutes of India but there is slight difference between them. Toppers who have interest in research work must opt for IISc others may go for IIT’s.

NIT MTech Admissions Guidance and Ranking

NIT’s are considered to be one of the cream colleges in India. Admissions in NIT’s for Masters of Technology are taken through Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). Since last two years few NIT’s decided to take the admissions through common admission process to avoid the clashes during the admission tests and interviews. This also saves the money of the students as they have to fill a single form for the admissions. Admissions in M. Tech through the centralised counselling are done in 22 NIT’s and 2 IIIT’s and various other centrally funded institutes. IIIT Gwalior and IIIT Jabalpur come under this admission process from this year. This brings a great opportunity for the candidates who have secured less marks or having low GATE score but wants to take admission in M. Tech.


  • Candidate has to score the valid marks in GATE in his applicable category during the current year i.e. 2013 or a previous year i.e. 2012.

  • Candidate has to score the minimum CGPA of at least 6.5 on 10 point scale (or 60% aggregate marks) for general category and 6 out of 10 for SC/ ST categories in the qualifying degree

How to apply:-

  • Open the link http://mtech.nitt.edu to reach the online home page of M. Tech admissions 2013.

  • “New User” link is shown in the middle left of the home page. Visit the link and follow instructions to create a new account.

  • Login the account using E-Mail and password.

  • Fill the fields which are marked red or mandatory.

  • Visit Next page to enter the mailing address and Demand Draft Details and then press save button.

  • If there is something wrong in filling the form then you can edit it by pressing the edit button.

  • The entries will not be changed once the submission of process takes place.

  • After all the verification press the “Final Submit” button.

  • Take the printout of the form and attach with the Demand Draft drawn in the favour of Chairman, CC-MT payable at Tiruchirappalli.

 In case anyone has any questions, there is a special forum named as InI forum for M. Tech admissions 2013. For more details please visit the official website http://mtech.nitt.edu.

Application Form:- The application fee is Rs 1000/- for SC/ ST category and Rs 1500/- for General and OBC category. It is payable online and is non-refundable. The form is filled only on online mode. No offline facility of any kind is provided to the candidates.

Reservation:- Reservation of seats for different categories such as General, SC, ST, OBC- non creamy layer, OBC- other minority were done as per the rules set by the Govt. of India. The reservation for the candidates with physical disabilities but are fit to pursue the courses will get 3% reservation in each of the categories.

Important Dates:-

  • Online availability of application form: 15th April 2013

  • The last date of online registration and fee payment done by the E- Challan: 15th May 2013.

  • The last date of online registration and fee payment: 18th May 2013

  • Closing date of choice filling & locking/Automatic locking of choices: 22nd May2013.

GATE Results and MTech Admissions 2013

After doing the graduation degree, most of the students prefer to do their master degree. In case of engineering, the master degree which gets maximum preference after getting bachelor degree are M. Tech or MBA. In this article I would talk about the MTech admissions as most of the students feel very confused regarding the time of results and admissions. Through this article, I would like to clear all their doubts and help them to get the best college. Admissions in M. Tech are done through a very famous exam which is known as GATE (Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineering). As the result of GATE is declared, so every student must be aware of their score that they got in the exam. Now the process of admissions into the various colleges like IISc, IIT, NITs or various other good institutes has started. Admissions through these institutes are done on the GATE score and it is completely on the merit basis. There are forms available for every university which the student has to fill in order to be eligible for the admissions in the particular institutes. Every institute charge different fees for the admission forms like in IIT Bombay, the fee for admission form is 300 whereas for IIIT Hyderabad, the fee is 1200. Now I would like to tell you about the department wise cut off lists for various IITs, NITs or other institutes. In IIT, a student will get Computer Science on 610 for General category, 589 for OBC, 430 for SC and 410 for ST whereas Civil engineering will be given to those students who get 450 in General, 395 for OBC, 295 for SC and 265 for ST category. From this we can say that 450 is a minimum total for a General category student to get admissions in to IIT. These are not accurate scores. These are just based on the previous year analysis. Besides these, there are various other steps that one has to pass to get admissions to the various M.Tech. institutes. The student who gets score closer to the above mentioned score may have the chance of getting an interview or written test call from the IITs. The next preferred institute after the IITs are IIITs or NITs. There is also tough competition in these institutes to get admissions. Through this article, I would like to tell you about the cut off list for NIT Warangal which is considered to be one of the best NITs of India. The score a student has to get admissions into this institute varies from 620 in Computer Science Engineering to 370 in Chemical Engineering for General category, 590 to 320 for OBC, 450 to 300 for SC and 370 to 300 for ST category. These score various for different NITs as per their preference given by the students. There are also various private or Govt. funded institutes which gave admissions on the basis of GATE score.

Best of luck to all the students for their admissions and we hope you get what you deserve.