GATE Electrical Engineering Question Papers and Answers

Electrical Engineering GATE Examination Previous year Question Papers are available download. Solving previous years question papers and comparing your answer with the answer key helps you to know your level of preparation towards the examination.

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Check your answer with this GATE Exam Answer keys from IITs and IISC.
Electrical Engineering GATE Exam 2011 Question Answer Key Download
Electrical Engineering GATE Exam 2012 Question Answer Key Download

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  1. ANSWER KEY OF GATE EE 2013 ( all set) 11/02/2013 A B C D 1. b a d b 2. d a a d 3. b a a b 4. c c c d 5. c a b d 6. c a c d 7. c b c b 8. b d c a 9. c d c a 10 .a d b c 11 .a b d b 12. d d b a 13. a b d a 14. a b b d 15. b d b a 16. c b d a 17. a c d c 18. a c d b 19. b c b c 20. d b a c 21. d a b c 22. d c c c 23. b a b b 24. b a a d 25. d d a b 26. c b d c 27. b b a b 28. c c b b 29. c a d c 30. c b d b 31. d c d c 32. d b c b 33. d c c a 34. b b c c 35. d b b b 36. a c c b 37. b c c a 38. b b b d 39. c c b b 40. a c c d 41. b c b d 42. c d c d 43. b d b c 44. c d a c 45. b b c c 46. b d b b 47. c a b c 48. b a c a 49 .c a b a 50. a b a c 51. a c a b 52 .a d d a 53. d d d d 54. d a a d 55. d d d d 56. b b c d 57. c b b c 58. b c d c 59. d c b b 60. c d c b 61. a b d c 62 d a d b 63. b d c d 64. c d a b 65 d c d a

  2. ny body got any psu call?nw time is really frustrating…….god knows whats gonna happen? plz update d status of psu calls ?

    1. power grid & nhpc r on.chk ur status in the power grid candidate login link.all d best who got selected for gd & interview.

  3. I’m Rohit kumar , pass out in 2012 last year , but unfortunately I gaved one BACK papers from 7th SEMESTER , whose result will come in LAST WEEK of MARCH this month…………….. so , please tell me what should I do during filling online application for IISC BANGALORE in QUALIFICATION SECTION where we have to write %age of each semester of our graduation…….particularly for 7th semester…….. please reply , very urgent ………..

    1. rohit i think u shuld cntct iisc through phone as well as mail n explain ur problem 2 them bcoz i think they will explain u all the things correctly in this regard.

  4. I’m Rohit kumar , pass out in 2012 last year , but I gaved BACK papers for 1 from 7th SEMESTER , whose result will come in LAST WEEK of MARCH this week…………….. so , please tell me what should I do during filling online application for IISC BANGALORE in QUALIFICATION SECTION where we have to write %age of each semester of our graduation……. please reply , very urgent ………..

    1. yes,,,,do apply in iit roorkie…because I knoe someone who got iit roorkie in 950 rank last year….also apply in kharagpur,,,,delhi ……………………dont apply in iisc bangalore,bombay……

  5. some ranks that i came to know. 1-92marks, 113-74marks, 161-71.6marks, 560-63.3marks, 1121-58marks, 1800-53 marks……………. mine is 113rank

  6. dear friends all are unhappy with this year’s result this is happened because of easy question paper .paper was not of gate standard .this paper was easiest and stupid question paper from all the years . iit bombay had not done labour to prepare question paper . they had just taken the exam like a comedy . I have done hard labour and was targeting of within 50 but i get AIR 248

  7. Hi Everyone…. 2013 gate results are out .. My rank is 6465 please let me know what options are available for me …..

      1. My rank is 105 ee gen, but i am not sure that it’s real or fake…the website has now been taken down by iit b

        1. according 2 11th march declared result,mere dost ne 42 marks laaye hai aur uska abt 6205 air aaya hai.aur iss baar abt 1.5 lacs students ne exam diya tha.iss baar 2 gate score aa raha hai.ek to year 2013-14 k liye alag hai putane formulae se aur year 2014-15 k liye alag score hai sme new formula.iss baar rank diff bht jada hai frm 60-64.77 k beech abt 400 bande ghuse hai.bht hi unexpected result aaya tha kitna sahi tha dat i dn’t know

  8. gate 2013 results out.. this is not prank. heres the link login and see ur rank. dont forget to thank me

  9. Hi frnds. im a student of IIT, doing my M.tech1st year. The jobs for are too less in all IITs. So think before you join IIT for Only if u r interested in research or willing to do PhD,come to IIT.

    1. mr anonymos jobs less kamjor ke liye hota hai you are a weak person . sayad tumne gate bhi diya hai tabhi itna ro rahe ho darpok

  10. @ Above Ppl i Want to Make a Note On Your Quotes(Comments) .. Are We Ppl looking like Dum Ass Holers To Believe You jerks ???? Na A IIT Student Scored cent % marks In GATE and I wonder How You ppl are getting 90 and 94 %.. gemme a break Open Your eyes , You dreamed Much … Hope We Speak In Realistic :)

    1. sorry..but I cudnt understand ur comment fully….anyways…Iam getting 40 marks in ee.gate 2013……rank expected ?? please guess….was the papaer even easier than 2011 paper

    2. sorry..but I cudnt understand ur comment fully….anyways…Iam getting 40 marks in ee.gate 2013……rank expected ?? please guess….was the paper even easier than 2011 paper

  11. @mr.anonymous dikhadi na aukat……aage se gate ka paper mat diyo aukat nahi hai teri….jahaan bhi hai ghar par bhag kar jaa tere ghar mei chudayee machi huee hai…..

  12. madeasy predicts 100 people getting >70..seems accurate enough…then 60 should get one a rank of 500…any comments ??

  13. Some answers of ACE ACADEMY KEY are wrong as per my friends who got good ranks in previous years. Correct answers are 1. When the Newton-Raphson method……0.705 2. A dielectric slab with…… 88.5 3. A strain gauge forms one arm of the bridge……. 10.02(possible answer) 4. Dare to commit mistakes.

      1. For Quality factor problem ace given correct answer c, but for transformer and attenuator problem they given wrong answer b instead of c

  14. hi guys…just found this forum.. i am getting 92 marks as per the ACE ACADEMY answer key…….i was the topper in most of their mock tests…i am expecting myself to be in top 10… there anyone who is getting more than me…i would be glad to know… Also i considered DARE TO COMMIT wrong as per ace key….so, someone here can justify why it is DARE COMMIT… thanks again

      1. congrats buddy…and i never said i am the topper….i said i am expecting to be in top 10….i have some doubts in ace academy answer key….which key did you refer???? and yeah congrats once again… :)

  15. @mr.anonymous……..hey dear dont be too sentimental otherwise life will kick ur ass and you have to face difficulties in future… more patient…..i was telling the truth bcoz even if i tell his rank it doesnt mean anything as of no use….instead he shud try other things right from now…….it was what i mean……

    1. @ mr.anonymous:who d hell do u think u r?may u r geting top marks in this exam bt this doesn’t give u d right to say some 1 like dis. mr. a is just asking abt his rank.he is nt askin abt his selectn in iits or ny is showing that u have never tasted ny failure inlife otherwise u wouln’t said so. really change ur attitude or u r gonna face some real shit in future.

      1. did u see the made easy rank predictor…its heart destroying…..Iam getting 40 marks in ee…….what rank can I expect..

        1. Made easy rank estimator is very nicely compiled…..,our actual rank will be nearly equal to that of estimated…..

  16. @rajeev arrey bhai sab jhoot bolte hai……..jinke bhi 75 aa rahe hai 50% to qualify bhi nahi kar rahe honge sab aise hee fadne ke tareeke……if u see rank estimator in gate counsellor….it says that 30% people are getting marks over 95…is it possible….iit wale koi chutiya nahi ….soch ke hee paper dalte hai……..u find it easy coz u r intelligent…………this is my 5th attempt in gate …….pehle to 3 baar mai bhi sabko chutiya banata tha……u will get rank under 200 for sure…

  17. because in this site i have seen many posts who are saying that they are getting above 75 that’s why i am anxious about my rank

  18. I am expecting a mark of 43.3 in ee 2013 what will be the expected rank and i want to know whether i receive any call from PSU Expecting ur reply

        1. dear chetna your rank should be between 1500-2000 . IF dvc recruitment you will get call but you will definitely get top NITs

  19. HI this is rajeev pandey i have analysed the gate 2011 and 2012 results of top 500 candidate and made the folloing conclusion DIFFERENCE FROM TOPPER’S MARKS AIR 1 6 10 2 10 40 3 15 100 4 20 250 5 25 500 I have noticed the above trend so you can calculate your rank from above kindly feedback my post

      1. hi i am rajeev i have typed in two column but the post comes in one line.sorr for that what i mean is if your marks differ from topper by 6 then your rank will be around 10.similarly. if your marks differ from topper by 10 then your rank will be around 40. if your marks differ from topper by 15 then your rank will be around 100. if your marks differ from topper by 20 then your rank will be around 250. if your marks differ from topper by 25 then your rank will be around 500.

    1. for the first question of linked answer question answer will be 0 & -0.1.not a single coaching has solved this question correctly i am sure about my answer. i have also cunsulted with my teachers of BIT mesra for second question answer will be c

        1. dear shyam i am explaining the solution below 2 pu power is demanded at load bus and pv bus(gen bus) is supplying 1 pu . since there are no loss so slack bus will give 1 pu remaining power .since no power is transferring between pv bus and slack bus so pv bus is at same load angle as that of slack bus i.e. 0 ,now using power equation P= (E*V*sin(theta))/X you can easily calculate the angle of load bus it will be -0.1 .slack bus is at higher angle than load bus as it is supplying power . if satisfied then please coment

          1. @pandey g:sahi explain kiye ho aap.maine to dhang se padha hi nahi questn ki resistance ko neglect kiya gaya hai.are itna easy tha ye questn.waise thanx 4 d help.agr tm explain nai krte to avi tk mai yahi sochta ki bht hi tough ques. tha ye aur meri chutiyya giri samne nahi aati. thanx rajeev.

          2. @ rajeev:bt ek confusion ho rhi hai.if in d abv qstn load bus demands 0.3 pu & gen bus supplies same 0.1 will we find the angle at load bus n gen bus. ya fir maine kuch galat socha hai?try this plz?

          3. dear shyam i can better explain your doubt by diagram. but here it is not possible so i am trying to explain by words. see if power demand at load bus will be .3 pu and pv bus is supplying .1 pu power then slack bus will deliver aditional .2 pu power now let us suppose that x pu power is transferred between bus 1(slack) and bus 3(load )then (.2-x)pu power will be transferred between bus 1 and bus 2(gen) now add (.2-x)to .1 it will comes out to be (.3-x)this is the power transferred from bus 2 to bus since slack bus is at angle zero let us suppose that angle op bus 2 is theta1 and angle of bus 3 is theta using equation P= (E*V*sin(theta))/X you can make 3 equations between bus 1-2,bus2-3,bus1-3 now you have three unknown and three equations you can easily calculate value of x,theta1,theta2 kindly feedback shyam if understood

          4. Hi friend you can post diagram, you have to create a account with this site. I am really inspired with your helping thoughts. I can make you as an author in this blog with your permission. So that you can earn some bocket money or gifts from us. you may contact me at All the best

          5. @pandey g: thanx bhai.i m gettin ur is it possible that power flows bw slack bus & generator bus like u said .as name suggests gen bus delivers power bt is it absorb power also?

          6. dear shyam in your question power is going to from slack bus to load bus via gen bus .gen bus is not absorbing power

          7. dear shyam in your question power is going from slack bus to load bus via gen bus .gen bus is not absorbing power. are you satisfied shyam

          8. @pandey g:nw i m fully satisfied.aisa bhi hota hai ye pehli baar pata chala yaar.thanx 4 the concept.kaash hamare teachers bhi tumhare tarah hote to aaj kuch aur hi haal hota mera.

          9. @pandey g:m gettin 58.67 marks.±is also possible.not sure that even i encircled all the answers that i solved.ab dekha jaayega 15th march ko. waise tumhe kisme jana hai psu me ya fir iit mein?i m sure ki 64 me tumhe dono jagah se call aayegaa.

          10. hi shyam don’t blame the teachers they do their is your task to explore more from them

          11. @pandey g:sahi bol rahe ho yaar.itni himmat hi nahi hai mujhme ke apni galti maan saku usi liye to teachers ko blame kr rha tha.yaar mujhe to bachpan se yahi aadat hai na isiliye.i m sorry.

      1. @pandey g:waise i think with the 64 marks & with ur clear concepts u can get anything u want.hope 4 d best. waise ek questn me jisme zener diode ki min. power rating aur resistance solve karna tha isme resistance to solve ho rha tha bt power rating me confusion ho rhi thi?will u plz explain this questn?

        1. @ shyam in that question it is required that what will be the minimum power of zener diode . see from the relation P=V*I for power to be minimum current should be minimum since voltage is constant NOW for current through zener diode to be minimum load resistance RL should be minimum (zero) in order to pass almost all the currrent through RL in parallel circuit. with RL zero current through RL comes out to be (10-5)/100= 50 mA .now power P=5*50=250mA this is the answer

  20. chutiya banate hai sab. gate 2011 ee paper was quite similar to gate 2013 paper and gate 2010 ee was the most chutiya paper ever set.but still There was not much change in ranks between 2010 and 2011.gate 2012 was exception…considering there were no psus participating in 2011 and 2010….so 5 marks difference will come in ranks in 2011 and 2013…..definately 55 marks will fetch under 500 marks…….kitna bhi easy paper set kardo, electrical wale low ranks wale bande hote hai btech mei not as intelligent as ece or computer science branch…..if the same paper difficulty paper set for ece then you have to think,but for electrical statistics doesnt change much……..

    1. yaar tu to apni branch ko gaali de rahe ho bhai.itni bhi kya narajgi .aur waise bhi bolne do logo bhi hona tha wo ho chuka hai,waise thoda to jarur fark padega.letz c kya hota hai.

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