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GATE Question Of The Day - Electromagnetics

A transmission line of characteristic impedance 50is terminated by a 50 load. When excited by a sinusoidal voltage source at 10GHz, the phase difference between two points spaced 2mm apart on the line is found to be p/4 radians. The phase velocity of the wave along the line is

(A)  0.8 ´ 108 m / s
(B) 1.2 ´ 108 m / s
(C) 1.6 ´ 108 m / s
(D)  3 ´ 108 m / s


Anonymous said...

Its B

Anonymous said...

Ans is D

Anonymous said...


SouravMani said...

need some home work guys! the right option is """C"".

Unknown said...

is any 1 post electrical question plz...........

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